Friday, September 14, 2012

Miscellaneous Fall 2012 Programming Notes

We're already somewhat into "full-swing" mode this week, but there are lots more things still to come and some stuff not still to come. I just wanted to run through all of this really quick in case anyone who has followed along in the past was curious.


Spotted Ratings/The Question: This is what you've been largely seeing this week. The Spotted Ratings are virtually the same as last year (except for some changed numbers in the tables), and I'm very happy with all the responses to The Question thus far.

SpotVault: The SpotVault is back for season two, but (like with the Spotted Ratings posts) the grind of the True2 and Best Case/Worst Case posts in the last few weeks means I'm a little behind on getting the new edition of the tables ready. I might go with the "mini-tables" I used over the summer just to get the pages set up this weekend, then focus on hammering out the full-fledged table next week. This project may not be quite as timely as last fall (when it was by far the thing I was most focused on) but it'll be back and better than ever.

Basically the Same

War of 18-49 Week: With the fall preview over as of Sunday, next week I'm going to find a way to squeeze in a half-dozen or so War of 18-49 Updates to wrap up the summer season.

True Top 25: I'll continue to look at the weekly top 25 in my True2 number each week. The first one of those will go up in the middle of next week. These will be pretty much the same as last year.

First Two Weeks: I will continue doing these for new shows just because I really like having all of those numbers lined up. I'm considering giving myself the option to defer a close call to week three to see if that improves my prediction percentages.


Five-Spots: The last two years I've done some weekly recap-type posts called Five-Spots. All I can say is don't expect those to return in their previous forms. I've tossed around some ideas for a weekly "column" of sorts, but anything along those lines will not get going till the fall ratings rush settles down... at the earliest.

Demos Year-to-Year: I might continue doing the full daily year-to-year posts for premiere week but am likely retiring them for the sweeps periods. It's just one extra hassle, and I'm trying to trim away at least some of the fat. (Plus, the numbers are now in every single Spotted Ratings post anyway.) However, I am at least for now planning on continuing to do the year-to-year winners/losers posts at the end of each week. I just feel the daily posts are a little too much clutter.

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