Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Question Week One Results

As I said in the intro paragraph, I was considering making a more formal game out of my The Question posts if the response was good. I thought the response was very good last week! Thanks to all for playing. Since I didn't really think much about the "game" because I didn't want to waste the time in case nobody played, the "game" will be a very gradual process. For this week, I'm just posting the results for the players as a whole. Next week, time permitting and if the response remains good, I'll work on standings for individuals.

Date Show(s) O/U or Spread Result Winner W L
Sept. 10 The Voice 4.6 4.2 Under 2 4
Sept. 11 Go On 3.3 3.4 Over 3 5
Sept. 12 The X Factor 4.6 3.4 Under 5 1
Sept. 13 Glee 2.8 3.1 Over 5 4

15 14

If all these entries had been $100 bets at the typical 11:10 casino rate, you guys would've bet $2,900 and taken home $2,863.65 (15 * $190.91). So "the house" would've profited by a whooping 36 dollars and 35 cents...!

I sort of evolved over the course of the week from what I actually expected into what I thought would drive action on both sides. While I was gonna be way off on X Factor either way, I knew going in that it was a higher-end prediction and probably should've taken it down a few notches. I over-corrected a bit on Glee, but still five on one side and four on the other seems like a pretty decent over/under.

This was a great week to start with because there was one incredibly obvious most compelling number each night. In the next couple weeks, it becomes much more difficult at times to boil the evening down to one particular show. So starting Monday, I will throw in the occasional "spread"; instead of going over/under on Revolution or The Mob Doctor individually, it'll be about the margin between the two. I may also do over/unders for big chunks of programming when I think there are several very compelling points within the same lineup. (CBS premiere Thursday and ABC premiere Sunday are two that especially jump out in that regard.) We'll see how it goes but I think y'all can handle it.

Thanks again to all players!

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