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The True Top 25, Week Ending 9/16/12 (2012-13 Week Negative Two)

The True Top 25 is back for the penultimate week of the summer season! It may technically be summer, but the top eight spots on the list went to programming that I count under the 2012-13 banner. Several summer staples like the Gordon Ramsay shows, America's Got Talent and Big Brother likely took raw numbers hits from having to duel with the fresh and new competition.

A favorite pastime of mine during the regular season was to seek out reruns and Friday/Saturday shows that made this list. (Especially the Friday/Saturday ones, since they're less likely to make a raw numbers Top 25.) With the standards still pretty low in the pre-season, ABC's entire new Friday lineup made the cut as did their Saturday football game. (And Fox's Saturday game was close at #28.) The top two repeaters on TV all summer have been The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy, and they're the only repeat representatives in a surprisingly heavily original list.

Rank Name True2 A18-49 ARank
1Sunday Night Football6.178.91
2The Voice Mon3.934.22
3The Voice Tue3.754.03
4The Voice Wed3.443.44
5The X Factor Wed3.383.44
6The X Factor Thu2.933.17
8Go On2.633.44
9America's Got Talent Tue2.562.99
10Hell's Kitchen Mon2.522.512
11America's Got Talent Wed2.382.415
12MasterChef Mon2.382.611
13Big Brother Wed2.192.118
14Shark Tank2.181.826
15Big Brother Thu2.122.019
16Big Brother Sun2.072.415
17The New Normal Tue2.052.512
19The New Normal Mon1.962.512
20Saturday Night Football1.921.630
21Family Guy (SR)1.882.019
22Guys with Kids1.882.217
23The Big Bang Theory (SR)1.861.922
24Family Guy (SR)1.842.019
25Primetime: What Would You Do?1.801.729

Missing the True Top 25 but in the A18-49 list: The Simpsons (SR) (t-#22 in A18-49, #26 in True2), The Simpsons (SR) (t-#22 in A18-49, #27 in True2), Parenthood (t-#22 in A18-49, #33 in True2), and 60 Minutes (SR) (#10 in A18-49, #35 in True2).

For more on the True Top 25, click to expand.
I created the True Strength number so I could have an objective way of comparing shows across vastly different situations. One of the most fun comparisons to be made is among the biggest shows on TV. What's really the strongest show in a vacuum? Hence my new weekly feature the True Top 25. This will compare shows while accounting for everything so we can see who Truly comes out on top. I include both the A18-49 and the weekly ranking in A18-49 so you can see the changes within the rankings that True Strength makes.

The A18-49 rankings aren't based on Nielsen's "official" broadcast top 25. They're derived from my own spreadsheet just using the big-five networks, so none of the big players on Univision are included. I've also weeded out some weird programming like NFL overruns and sports pre-game shows. Most of that stuff airs largely out of primetime or is strangely split apart, so I don't want to muddle the list with that.

As mentioned on the sports SpotVault pages, True Strengths for sporting events are based on the primetime portion only. Perhaps in future editions I'll try to get the primetime portion only A18-49 into the A18-49 rankings so it'll be a totally fair comparison. 

Here's the last True Top 25 (from 2011-12 week 44)!

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