Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Guess the Ratings Track!

If you tried wading into the comments section a few days ago, you may have noticed (or gotten totally overwhelmed by) a game in which people were posting a full season of adults 18-49 ratings, then others were guessing what show it was.

Just in case that wasn't enough, and you wanted to play that game literally an unlimited number of times with even more obscure shows, I decided to try my hand at an automated version! This one uses every single broadcast scripted season from the last ten years (2006-07 through 2015-16), will give you four choices per game and alert you to the outcome after you click. The choices are derived by selecting one season at random, then finding the three seasons with the closest raw ratings average. (Super Bowl lead-out episodes not included.)

You'll have to refresh this page to start a new game, and while I've weeded out most cases where one season is listed twice in the choices, it might still happen rarely. Not planning on investing much more time in this, but lemme know if you spot any other major bugs. Enjoy!

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