About Spotted Ratings

Spotted Ratings is one man's attempt to bring a greater context and clarity to the world of Nielsen ratings analysis. An avid sports fan, I've tried to apply some of the historical and situational adjustments often seen in the world of advanced sports metrics. This is the TV ratings version of going "beyond the box score," transcending the context-light daily grind that is most TV ratings coverage.

This site's two most innovative metrics are Plus, a number that puts historical ratings on a more level playing field with the ratings-depressed environment of today, and True, which weeds out the effects of a show's timeslot conditions (viewing levels, competition and lead-in).

Among other popular features: the web's most thorough TV ratings archive (SpotVault), ratings history recaps for well over 100 primetime programs (The War of 18-49), an acclaimed TV ratings season preview (Best Case/Worst Case), and daily ratings predictions (The Question).

For much more on TV ratings and this particular site's unique approach, please check out my new, improved and comprehensive Intro to Nielsen Ratings:
Part 1 - Basics and Definitions
Part 2 - Demos and DVRs
Part 3 - History, Death of TV, Timeslots, Networks, Averages

The best way to get in touch is via Twitter (@spotupj). You can contact me via email at ed@spottedratings.com. I am not always great about checking it, so you may want to tweet me that you've emailed me.

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