Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cablemetrics: Fear the Walking Dead, The Night Of, Power, Halt and Catch Fire

These numbers are current through Monday, August 22.

  • AMC's Fear the Walking Dead returned for the back half of season two with a 1.62 on Sunday. This was a double-digit step down from the show's previous series low (the 1.88 season 2A finale). It was barely half of the season two premiere (3.08) in April. And it was less than a third of the show's 4.93 series premiere, which was just one calendar year ago! But despite the increasingly negative trend, the show is still dominating the cable landscape rather easily. That's really just another testament to how incredibly far The Walking Dead mothership has separated from everything else in its space.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Spotted Ratings, Monday 8/22/16

FINALS UPDATE: American Ninja Warrior (2.0) adjusted up.

  • Life after the Olympics began on NBC with a very stout return from American Ninja Warrior (1.8/2.1), which has at least tied and maybe beaten its previous season high. It was also at least three tenths above its final pre-Olympics episode. Running Wild (1.3) also looked solid at 10/9c, improving by two tenths on its Monday rating before the Olympics.
  • The end of the Olympics was also good news for ABC, where Bachelor in Paradise (1.6) surged to its own new season high in the first two hours. It had about the same Plus as last season's 1.8 high (which happened to occur on this evening a year ago). At 10/9c, Mistresses (0.6) got a minor rebound but was still thoroughly unimpressive.
  • Fox was the loser among the original networks with So You Think You Can Dance (0.7/0.6), back from two weeks off and at best tying its pre-Olympics level.
  • CBS had more comedy repeats (0.8/0.8/0.8/0.8) and Scorpion (0.6), and the CW had more Supergirl (0.3/0.2).

Schedules Plus Enhanced: CW Friday

Schedules Plus is the ultimate almanac to broadcast network primetime scheduling since 2001. It features lineups for three different parts of the year, as well as A18-49+ ratings that more fairly account for historical decline. For more on the tables and charts in Schedules Plus, see this primer.

This post covers CW Friday. Originally home to the WWE's SmackDown! franchise, CW Friday has often been a dumping ground since then. The network infamously exiled staples Smallville and Supernatural to the night at the height of Dawn Ostroff's obsession with courting the young female demos. In 2015-16, the network saw its best Friday ratings since those shows left, moving Thursday fixture The Vampire Diaries and spin-off The Originals. See the 2015-16 breakdown.

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 8/21/16

FINALS UPDATE: Celebrity Family Feud (1.2) and Big Brother (1.9) and Rio Gold (2.7) and Summer Olympics (4.1) and Family Guy (R) (0.7) adjusted up while Madam Secretary (R) (0.3) adjusted down.

  • The Summer Olympics sputtered to the finish with a very weak 4.1 demo for the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, well less than half of the 9.2 for 2012's final night. Prior to 2008, the network hadn't really gotten a lot of added interest in the Closing Ceremony. But there were massive bounces in 2008 and 2012, making this return to 2004-esque behavior result in a really awful trend.
    • Remarkably, that meant the Sunday 10:30 episode of The Voice (2.7) actually had a smaller lead-in than Superstore (3.0) did on Friday. The only good news for Voice is that it started right at 10:30, so it shouldn't get much worse than this after finals.
  • NBC's weakness was welcome news for the ABC game show lineup, where The $100,000 Pyramid (1.0) and Match Game (0.9) both had two-tenth rises from last week's black hole results, and Celebrity Family Feud (1.1) was also up a tenth. Last week was so bad that they're still not back to 'normal,' but this week at least brought a little hope that they could get back there when the Olympic interference is totally gone next week.
  • Big Brother hasn't cared much about Olympics competition either way, and it stayed at 1.8 again this Sunday, while BrainDead had another 0.3. Fox offered up another round of comedy repeats (0.4/0.5/0.6/0.5/0.6/0.4).

Schedules Plus Enhanced: CW Sunday

Schedules Plus is the ultimate almanac to broadcast network primetime scheduling since 2001. It features lineups for three different parts of the year, as well as A18-49+ ratings that more fairly account for historical decline. For more on the tables and charts in Schedules Plus, see this primer.

This post covers CW Sunday, a night of programming that has literally gone extinct. While UPN didn't nationally program Sunday night, the WB did so pretty successfully with genre drama Charmed. So the powers that be tried to keep the night alive after the CW merger. Unfortunately, the un-cancelled 7th Heaven had nowhere near the power of Charmed in the inaugural season. And things got exponentially more embarrassing in the next two seasons. First, they had megaflop family drama Life is Wild, then they sold the night to Media Rights Capital, whose two dramas were as weak as anything we've ever seen on a big-five network. Starting in 2009-10, the CW gave up on trying to nationally program the night and gave it back to the affiliates. See the 2015-16 breakdown.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spotted Ratings, Friday 8/19/16

FINALS UPDATE: Summer Olympics (5.5) adjusted up, as the entire first hour of Olympics coverage was excluded in finals. Everything else adjusted down; see below.

  • NBC aired its first piece of 2016-17 programming with a 10:30 preview of sophomore sitcom Superstore (3.3), leading out of two and a half hours of primetime Summer Olympics coverage (which averaged a 4.8 overall, including a 5.5 in the 10:00 half-hour). If it holds in finals, this would be a rather solid 60%ish retention. But it didn't start until a few minutes after 10:30, so it may be adjusting down a bit.
    • Comparisons are tough because all the other recent lead-ins were of very different sizes. In 2012, Go On had a 5.6 and Animal Practice a 4.1, but they both had over 9.0 lead-ins. The 2014 Winter Games saw previews for About a Boy (2.2) and Growing Up Fisher (2.0), but their lead-ins were only in the 3.0ish range.
  • It was a busier than usual Friday elsewhere as well, though these numbers are subject to more local NFL-related adjustments:
    • CBS was the best of the rest with a special Friday Big Brother (1.5) and drama repeats (0.8/0.8);
    • ABC had its usual Friday originals What Would You Do? (0.7) and 20/20 (0.7);
    • And the CW wrapped up the three-night run of My Last Days (0.2), leading out of Masters of Illusion repeats (0.2/0.2).

The Ultimate SpotVault, Last Man Standing

The Ultimate SpotVault is a fully sortable record of every single episode in the history of a veteran series. This allows you to compare both raw numbers (total viewership and adults 18-49 rating) as well as the historical-adjusted stat A18-49+ for episodes across different seasons. This table also has the lead-in's A18-49+ for each episode, so you can see which episodes had the most and least support.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 8/18/16

FINALS UPDATE: Summer Olympics (6.1) adjusted up (by 0.4, since the 8:00 half-hour was excluded in finals), making for the best 2012-to-2016 trend of the Games. Everything else adjusted down; see below.

  • NBC had its final Thursday of Rio Summer Olympics (5.7), preliminarily down by just 19% from the last Thursday in 2012.
  • Please be wary of preliminary numbers on the other networks due to another round of NFL preseason-related local preemptions:
    • ABC: unscripted repeats (0.8/0.6/0.6);
    • CBS: comedy repeats (1.4/1.2), Big Brother (1.9), Code Black (R) (0.8)
    • Fox: Rosewood (0.8) and Bones (0.8) repeats;
    • CW: Legends of Tomorrow (R) (0.3) and night two of documentary My Last Days (0.2).

Cablemetrics: Cable Series vs. the Olympics, Part II

These numbers are current through Wednesday, August 17.

  • Most shows were on the rise against a weaker second week of Summer Olympics action. For the shows that really got slammed last week, Starz' Survivor's Remorse (0.36) and USA's Suits (0.42), there was some recovery this time, but still not all the way back to what seemed like the norm beforehand.

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