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Friday, November 27, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 11/26/15

  • Thanksgiving Thursday was another particularly resounding lesson in "NFL lead-ins matter," as The Big Bang Theory (3.4) appears headed for one of the biggest repeat telecast ratings in recent memory leading out of CBS' late afternoon game. That helped to keep Life in Pieces (2.2), Mom (1.6), 2 Broke Girls (1.6) and Elementary (1.0) at pretty normal levels in spite of the depressed overall viewing. (All these shows started about two minutes later than usual, so there could be slight downward adjustments.)
    • Ultimately, it seems like programming originals on Thanksgiving is pretty worthwhile if you have the late-afternoon game helping out. But another thing to keep in mind is that CBS may not have the same kind of scheduling crunch if they lose Thursday Night Football in future seasons. 
  • On the other side of the coin, there was Fox, which got a 1.3 for a two-hour dog-themed special leading out of the late afternoon game last year. This year, lacking that lead-in, "FOX's All-Star Dog Rescue" could only muster up a third of that rating, averaging a 0.4 in both hours.
  • NBC did huge business with the Thanksgiving primetime NFL game (more on how huge after finals), while ABC averaged a 0.5 for three hours of comedy repeats (led by 0.6 for The Muppets at 8/7c and The Middle at 9/8c).
Above based on preliminary adults 18-49 ratings unless otherwise noted. Full table forthcoming!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 11/25/15

  • Low-viewed Thanksgiving Eve is always very unkind to younger-skewing offerings, and Empire (3.1) was no exception, dropping 30% to a new series low by a wide margin. For the most part, series have been able to recover from these types of holiday airings, though it certainly adds a little more pressure on next week's Empire fall finale. Its lead-in Rosewood (1.2) also hit a new low, but it was not down quite as severely.
  • CBS was also in the original game as two hours of Survivor (1.8) were down double digits, but they still supplied a better-than-usual lead-in for the surprisingly plucky Code Black (1.4), which was actually up to its best rating since the series premiere. CSI always seemed to overachieve in its Thanksgiving Eve 10/9c airings, holding its older audience while perhaps benefiting from less drama competition, and it looks like Code is continuing the tradition. 
  • ABC did solid work with two hours of comedy repeats (1.3/1.2/1.2/1.1), joining a Jimmy Kimmel Live repeat (0.7) to hold off NBC for third place. NBC had two hours of Saturday Night Live (0.9/1.2) leading out of a "making of" special for The Wiz Live! (0.6). That special tied last year's similar special for Peter Pan Live! (Peter Pan itself went on to do a 2.4 the next week.)
  • And the CW continued its recent Thanksgiving Eve tradition, the classic film Planes, Trains and Automobiles (0.5). It was down a tick from last year but matched the 2012 and 2013 ratings.
Happy Thanksgiving! Above based on preliminary adults 18-49 ratings unless otherwise noted. Full tables will be updated next week.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 11/24/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: NCIS (2.2) went up, putting it ahead of The Voice (and tied with Charlie Brown) in the 8:00 hour.
  • ABC took a rare turn atop the Tuesday standings with holiday special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (2.2) and the two-hour season finale of Dancing with the Stars (2.4). For the Peanuts special, this was even with last year's Thanksgiving Eve telecast, and it hasn't done a higher rating since 2008 (since most of its telecasts have come on lower-viewed Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day). Again, DWTS clearly didn't get as red-hot as it did late last fall, going at least 20% behind last fall's huge 3.0 finale, but this was basically in line with more normal DWTS behavior (and very close to the 2.4 finale from two years ago).
  • NBC had a significantly diminished The Voice (2.1), an 18% week two drop for Chicago Med (1.8) and a tiny drop from Chicago Fire (1.8). Given everything that was going against it, from a weakened lead-in to significantly increased ABC competition to the usual Thanksgiving week doldrums, it would be hard to ask for much more from Med. (And of course, it's a great result for Fire.)
  • As for those Thanksgiving week doldrums, they definitely hit the other two networks; NCIS (2.1) and NCIS: New Orleans (1.6) were low-ish while Limitless (1.3) dropped to a new low for CBS. And it got even worse for Fox's struggling Tuesday as Grandfathered (0.9), The Grinder (0.7) and Scream Queens (0.8) all hit new lows. CW got decent mileage out of a holiday commercials special (0.4) and a repeat of The Flash (0.3).

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Monday 11/23/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: After removing football pre-emptions on ABC, Castle was at its usual 1.1 while Dancing with the Stars had a 2.1. That tied a season high, but was still 16% behind last fall's performance finale as the show has not gotten quite as red-hot as it did at the end of fall 2014. Also, The Voice went up to 2.6 (matching the year-ago evening) while Minority Report somehow found yet another new low by going down to 0.5. (Worth noting this was a high-end night for Monday Night Football (5.12), which was up almost a full point from last week.)
  • Thanksgiving week began in pretty rough fashion for broadcast TV, with Supergirl (1.5) crashing down to a new low (now basically on par with a typical episode of CW's The Flash) in week five. Its CBS companions Scorpion (1.7) and NCIS: Los Angeles (1.2) were closer to even.
  • Most notable elsewhere was the fall's final head-to-head clash between The Voice (2.4/2.7) and Dancing with the Stars (2.2/2.5). DWTS and lead-out Castle (1.5) will adjust down in finals due to Monday Night Football pre-emptions, but it seems that the beginning of DWTS finale week took a chunk out of The Voice. (It happened last year as well, so The Voice should be very close to even with the year-ago evening again.) On a lower Voice night, Blindspot (1.9) also took a hit, finally ending its long run above 2.0.
  • Fox and CW also saw some minor declines with Gotham (1.4), Minority Report (0.6) and Jane the Virgin (0.4). 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 11/22/15

  • A national NFL lead-in boosted Fox's Sunday comedy lineup, but the ratings were still rather underwhelming as The Simpsons (2.3), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1.7), Family Guy (1.6) and The Last Man on Earth (1.3) all fell behind their previous post-NFL ratings this fall.
  • ABC had an irregularly big Sunday with the American Music Awards (3.5), down a few tenths from last year's 3.8 but preliminarily avoiding a new low (as it hit a 3.4 in 2012).
  • On CBS, Madam Secretary (1.1) and The Good Wife (0.9) tied their season lows in the prelims, but CSI: Cyber (0.9) had another decent hold at 10/9c.
  • More on football/cable to come, but it looks like NBC had a weak (if still dominant) Sunday Night Football.

Cablemetrics: Into the Badlands, The Royals, The Bastard Executioner, Fargo

These numbers are current through Thursday, November 19.

  • It was a legitimately impressive start for new The Walking Dead lead-out Into the Badlands (3.15), retaining 48% of its lead-in from The Walking Dead (6.51). This was better retention than the Better Call Saul pilot had (3.43 with a 7.96 lead-in), and only a handful of Talking Dead episodes historically have done better.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Friday 11/20/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments!
  • ABC built on its usual Friday dominance as Shark Tank (1.7) continued to see some late-fall redemption. It added another tenth this week, putting it three tenths ahead of its lows against the baseball playoffs. The comedy combo of Last Man Standing (1.2) and Dr. Ken (1.2) outright won at 8/7c, while 20/20 (1.4) had another good showing to take 10/9c.
  • CBS was a bit softer than usual with The Amazing Race (1.0) and Blue Bloods (1.1), but Hawaii Five-0 (1.1) was normal in the middle.
  • NBC's Undateable (0.8) was back to live originals this week, inching up from its recent level, but that was of no help to Truth Be Told (0.6) and Grimm (0.9). Dateline (1.2) had an uncommonly high rating at 10/9c which I'm sure someone will be able to explain.
  • On Fox, MasterChef Junior (1.1) inched down for the second straight week (but still ahead of the entire Fox Tuesday/Thursday lineups), and World's Funniest stayed at 0.7.
  • And CW's Reign (0.3) was back to normal after last week's high.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 11/19/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: CBS saw only small declines from the prelims; The Big Bang Theory was even and everything else dropped just a tenth or two. This left most of the lineup above last week, including season highs for Mom (1.7) and 2 Broke Girls (1.7).
  • It was a big fall finale night for TGIT as Grey's Anatomy (2.5) surged to its best rating since the season premiere, Scandal (2.4) was up two tenths and How to Get Away with Murder (2.3) had the biggest growth of all, zooming by 0.4 as it resolved the cliffhanger it has hyped all fall. But as usual, Grey's was the runaway winner on a year-to-year basis, actually beating last year's 2.4 fall finale while the other two were down over 20%.
  • NBC was pretty normal with Heroes Reborn (1.1), The Blacklist (1.5) and The Player (0.8). But TGIT's surge may have taken a chunk out of the more female-skewing drama lineups as Bones (1.0), Sleepy Hollow (0.8), The Vampire Diaries (0.5) and The Originals (0.4) all tied series lows.
  • CBS' The Big Bang Theory (3.8), Life in Pieces (2.0), Mom (1.8), 2 Broke Girls (1.9) and Elementary (1.0) are pending Thursday Night Football preemptions, though in smaller markets than usual.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 11/18/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: The Middle (2.1), Survivor (2.1), Rosewood (1.5) and Arrow (1.1) adjusted up. This put the entire ABC comedy lineup up a tenth from last week, while Arrow tied its season high with a The Flash crossover coming in two weeks.
  • Fox's megahit Empire (4.4) was back on the upswing this Wednesday, recouping two tenths of last week's season low, while its lead-in Rosewood stayed at 1.4. It's good news for Empire, but it still looks like it'll be tough to avoid a series low (currently the series premiere's 3.8) when it airs on Thanksgiving Eve next Wednesday.
  • ABC had a few upticks as well as The Goldbergs (2.2), Modern Family (2.8) and Black-ish (1.9) each packed on a tenth. Bookends The Middle (2.0) and Nashville (1.0) were even. 
  • On CBS, Survivor (2.0) and Criminal Minds (1.5) gave back last week's upticks, while Code Black (1.2) looks for its sixth 1.2 rating in the last seven episodes. NBC was on the soft-ish end with The Mysteries of Laura (1.1), Law and Order: SVU (1.4) and Chicago PD (1.4).
  • And Arrow (1.0) picked up a tick for the CW, while Supernatural stayed at 0.7.

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