Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 7/1/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: Big Brother (1.9) adjusted up.
  • It looks like CBS' Extant (0.7) is the latest broadcast limited series to melt down in season two. And in this case, there wasn't that much audience to lose. Though Under the Dome narrowly dodged a series low in its return a week ago, Extant couldn't even pull that much off, dropping behind the already ugly 0.8 for its penultimate episode last season. This number was massively behind the 1.1 for last season's finale and less than half of the 1.6 series premiere.
  • But CBS still tied for first on the night thanks to Big Brother (1.8), which slumped from last Wednesday's premiere (2.1) but was even with last year's second Wednesday (as the show always drops around the 4th of July).
  • In a very close three-way Wednesday race, NBC has been getting great mileage out of three hours (1.2) of America's Got Talent and American Ninja Warrior repeats, while Fox was fairly consistent with MasterChef (1.4) and Bullseye (0.9). ABC brought up the rear as the comedy repeats (0.7/0.7/1.0/0.7) other than Modern Family dropped and Celebrity Wife Swap (0.8) had a third straight week in fractional territory.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 6/30/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: America's Got Talent (2.5) adjusted up, while Beat the Champions adjusted down to 0.9. The soccer game (3.0) averaged 8.4 million viewers and peaked at over 12 million from 8:30-8:45, so BtC had pretty horrible retention of whatever was left in the postgame coverage.
  • The latest made-for-summer CBS drama Zoo opened with just over 8 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating. This was far from a gaudy number but still represented a major improvement on the surrounding NCIS repeats, which were even weaker than usual (0.8 at 8:00, 0.7 for New Orleans at 10:00). But it was still another 25% behind last year's already modest Extant launch, which was itself less than half of what Under the Dome did two years ago.
  • Fox had huge numbers from the tail end of the USA's semifinal in the Women's World Cup (a preliminary 3.3 from 8:00-9:00), but very little interest in lead-out special Beat the Champions (1.1). Champions took a prelim 3.4 lead-in rating at 8:30 and dropped to 1.4 at 9:00, then 0.8 at 9:30.
  • Since last we spoke, America's Got Talent has had an impressive late June surge, growing to 2.6 for the first episode after the NBA Finals on June 23 and then coming back to 2.4 last night (with a 2.2 against the World Cup growing to 2.6 at 9:00). Both of these points were close to even with the similar part of last season. Its lead-out I Can Do That (1.4 last week, 1.5 last night) has also picked back up a bit since hitting a new low against the Finals.
  • ABC has been completely off the map since the Finals with Extreme Weight Loss (0.7 last week and this week) and some even lower comedy repeats in the 8:00 hour, while Fox had a similarly regrettable Tuesday last week with Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (0.7) and a leftover World's Funniest Fails (0.5).

A18-49+ Update: Originals vs. Repeats, Comedies vs. Dramas in 2014-15

Here's a look at the different types of programming in 2014-15. This post will combine the broad programming categories (originals, repeats, sports, specials, movies) as well as the sub-categories within the original series realm (comedies, dramas, reality, news).

Spotted Ratings, Monday 6/29/15

  • The battle of Monday reality staples has shifted back in The Bachelorette's favor across the last two Mondays, with Bachelorette surging to a 2.0 (vs. American Ninja Warrior's 1.8) on June 22. The shows preliminary tied at 1.9 last night. But this is a duel without a loser, as both shows are still up year-to-year.
  • It's not quite as rosy for the shows' lead-outs; The Island has stabilized at very low 1's (1.0 on June 22, 1.1 last night), while ABC's drama The Whispers briefly increased alongside Bachelorette on June 22 (1.0) but slipped back to a new low 0.8 last night.
  • The third wheel in the Monday reality smackdown is Fox veteran So You Think You Can Dance, which has hit a pretty ugly 0.9 each of the last two Mondays, only about tying the repeat lineup on CBS.
  • And the CW, which will be all original starting next week with the return of Penn and Teller: Fool Us, brought back former Friday failure Cedric's Barber Battle (0.2) a week early with no sign of improvement.

Spotted Ratings, Weekend Roundup 6/26-6/28/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: Added 6/19-6/21 and 6/26-6/28 tables on this post. Big Brother (1.8) adjusted up to match last year's Sunday premiere, but Celebrity Family Feud (1.9) stayed narrowly in the nightly lead with an uptick of its own. HBO saw True Detective (1.33) hold up swimmingly in week two, while The Ballers (0.89) and The Brink (0.55) each dropped close to 20%. Humans (0.53) had a pretty good start on AMC, tying last year's Turn series premiere and well ahead of anything Halt and Catch Fire has ever done.
  • Celebrity Family Feud is a great lesson in how quickly the raw numbers landscape shifts. The last time this concept was tried, by NBC in summer 2008, it premiered at a 2.3 demo rating, settled at around 2.0, and was a modest performer not renewed for season two. In 2015, premiering just a tenth higher on ABC at 2.4, it's the breakout smash of the summer. It's not a huge shock that this would do better than the 2008 edition; the 2015 one has got Steve Harvey, the host who has been a godsend for the syndicated version's ratings. But it's pretty striking that the show was actually the #1 entertainment series last week. However, it took a big 25% dip to a still very good 1.8 last night. It's possible the BET Awards were rough competition for this show.
  • Great as the Feud did, it shouldn't get lost that ABC had a second significant success last Sunday in another resurrected reality concept. BattleBots (1.9) retained about 80% of its lead-in in 18-49, but it was not simply riding the Feud's coattails; in fact, it skewed younger and considerably more male than its lead-in (actually building from Feud's 1.9 up to a 2.1 in M18-49). So this was a success in its own right. It also took a considerable week two drop to 1.4. But at least so far, the only bad news for ABC in this block is that they've only got it for six weeks.
  • And CBS premiered its third night of Big Brother (1.7). Like the first two nights (2.1/2.1), this was down less than average from the year-ago premieres (2.3/2.3/1.8).
  • The other notable from last weekend (6/19-6/21) was Fox bringing major championship golf to broadcast primetime with their newly acquired US Open. The event didn't really do much on Thursday (0.7), Friday (0.6) or Saturday (0.7), only hanging a relatively strong average for Sunday (1.3). I'm assuming these are all full-day averages, as the event was mostly much higher (upper-1's) during Sunday primetime and peaked with a 2.6 at 10:00. This weekend, Fox had the USA's quarterfinal in the Women's World Cup; its preliminary 2.0 on Friday improved on the 1.6/1.8 for group stage games in Fox primetime.
  • On June 21 cable, a fresh cast on True Detective (1.42) had a strong return, just behind the huge season one finale (1.57) and miles ahead of everything else from season one (including the 0.97 series premiere). TNT's The Last Ship averaged a 0.69 for its two-hour return, considerably below the low-1's throughout season one.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Question, Tuesday 6/30/15: Will Viewers Visit the Zoo?

Tonight, CBS premieres the new drama Zoo, based on a James Patterson novel about animal attacks on humans. Like previous CBS efforts Under the Dome and Extant (and unlike many scripted efforts on other networks), this show was explicitly intended for the summer. Certainly, CBS is hoping more for a breakout like Under the Dome (premiered at 3.3) rather than a ratings disappointment like Extant (premiered at 1.6 but still renewed). Will viewers visit the Zoo? That's The Question for Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

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