Friday, September 18, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 9/17/20

A18-49+ Season Comparison Chart (thru 2019-20)

This is an interactive chart allowing you to compare seasonal A18-49+ ratings (through 2019-20) for up to three different shows. It includes the 154 broadcast scripted shows with at least a 250 Career A18-49+, the same shows included on the Career A18-49+ Sortable Table.

Career A18-49+ Sortable Table (thru 2019-20)

This is the Career A18-49+ sortable table, with A18-49+ numbers that can be used to evaluate the full run of a series. This includes Career A18-49+, the sum of each individual season's historical-adjusted A18-49 rating, as well as how many times each show went over some of the A18-49+ label thresholds.

A few quick notes about what's in here:
  • This includes all 154 broadcast scripted series with a career A18-49+ total of 250 or higher. Unlike in previous years, that means a handful of netlet shows are in the mix (though of course they can be filtered out easily). The 45 "hit for CW" and 35 "solid for CW" labels are applied to the "hit" and "solid" counts for those shows.
  • This number will be incomplete for shows that aired before 2001, but to help account for this, the number of missing seasons is included in parentheses under the "Seasons" column. You can also filter in or out the shows that have missing seasons, as well as the shows still "active" (and thus still adding to their counts).

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