Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 5/23/17

  • ABC and NBC both had comedies leading into their reality tentpole finales with mixed results. The maneuver helped Downward Dog (1.0) hold up rather nicely in its first week on Tuesday, but it seemingly did no favors for the 150-minute Dancing with the Stars finale (1.3) itself; it was down a whooping half point from the Monday performance finale, and three tenths behind the year-ago Tuesday finale.
  • Meanwhile, NBC's Great News (0.7/0.8) at least rallied by a touch from its low points last week, and The Voice (1.8/1.9) widened its usual lead over DWTS from 9:00 to 11:00; this was a similar Plus to last spring's 2.2 finale.
  • On CBS, Bull (1.1) was left alone to air its season finale with a repeat NCIS (0.9) lead-in, and fell to tie its series low from a month ago. It led into another edition of 48 Hours: NCIS (0.6) at 10/9c.
  • Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.7/0.6) was steady, but Prison Break (0.7) crashed to a new low against the reality finales.
  • And the CW was preliminarily on the uptick with the season finale of The Flash (1.1) and iZombie (0.4). If it holds, it would be the highest rating for Flash in almost three months.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spotted Ratings, Monday 5/22/17

FINALS UPDATE: The Voice (2.0) adjusted up while Jane the Virgin (0.3) adjusted down.

  • ABC's summer tentpole The Bachelorette (1.8/1.7) made its usual return on the last Monday of the regular season and took a slightly less than league average drop from last year's 2.0 premiere. It led out of a promising final Monday of the season from Dancing with the Stars (1.8), which was preliminarily just a tenth below the year-ago performance finale.
  • NBC's The Voice (1.9) also looked strong on performance finale night; like DWTS, it was just a tenth below what it did on the final Monday last spring. It led into a special edition of Running Wild (0.9), which fell behind recent The Wall outings in the hour.
  • CBS was the last of the big three networks to go with a two-hour Princess Diana special this month (0.7/0.8), and it mustered up roughly the same kind of upper-0 demo we saw from NBC's Dateline (0.8) on May 5 and ABC's last 100 days special (0.9) on May 7. It led into a Carpool Karaoke special (0.7) at 10/9c.
  • Fox's Gotham (1.0) was up a notch, while Lucifer (0.8) continued to look a little soft at 9/8c.
  • And the CW wrapped up its Monday dramas with the finales of Supergirl (0.6) and Jane the Virgin (0.4). If these actually hold in finals, it would continue Jane's bizarre oscillation between 0.2 and 0.4 in the last month.

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Spotted Ratings, Sunday 5/21/17

FINALS UPDATE: Billboard Music Awards (2.6), Bob's Burgers (0.8) and Family Guy (1.1) adjusted up while America's Funniest Home Videos (0.8) adjusted down.

  • ABC took over on the last Sunday of the season with the Billboard Music Awards (2.1/2.5/2.4). The show adjusted up three tenths last year in its first live-in-all-time-zones telecast, but it's still looking at close to a 20% year-to-year decline vs. last year's 3.2 final.
  • With the highest-rated shows on NBC and CBS sitting out, the only broadcast show outside of ABC to crack a 1.0 was the one-hour finale of Family Guy (1.0). It followed the finales of Bob's Burgers (0.7), The Simpsons (0.9) and Making History (0.6).
  • CBS had two hours of 60 Minutes (0.8/0.8) plus the season-enders for Madam Secretary (0.7) and Elementary (0.5), while NBC had two hours apiece of Dateline (0.8/0.9) and Shades of Blue (0.7/0.7).

Monday, May 22, 2017

Spotted Ratings, Friday 5/19/17

FINALS UPDATE: Undercover Boss (0.8) adjusted up while Movie: Maid in Manhattan (0.4), The Originals (0.2) and Reign (0.2) adjusted down.

  • The final Friday of the regular season brought not a single scripted original on the big four. CBS tried to mix it up to no avail with an I Love Lucy special (0.5) at 9/8c, leading out of Undercover Boss (0.7) and into a repeat of Blue Bloods (0.5).
  • NBC easily won the night with its usual First Dates (0.7) and Dateline (0.9/1.0), as Dates scored yet another victory over the two-hour finale of The Toy Box (0.5/0.6) on ABC. Fox had movie Maid in Manhattan (0.4/0.5).
  • The CW continued on with The Originals (0.3) and Reign (hoping to hold onto 0.3 for the first time this season), and both will have more new episodes deep into June.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 5/18/17

FINALS UPDATE: Grey's Anatomy (2.0) and The Amazing Race (0.8) adjusted up.

  • Numbers and analysis coming shortly. On the first day of the last week of the regular season, it was 'Two-Hour Finale Night' as Scandal, The Blacklist, MasterChef Junior and Supernatural all wrapped up with double-length airings. CBS' The Amazing Race also aired for two hours but was not a finale.

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