Friday, October 23, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 10/22/20

FINALS UPDATE: ABC Presidential Debate (2.6, +0.5), ABC Presidential Debate Analysis (1.6, +0.2), CBS Presidential Debate (1.3, +0.2), CBS Presidential Debate Analysis (0.9), NBC Presidential Debate (2.6, +0.5), NBC Presidential Debate Analysis (1.6, +0.3) and Thursday Night Football (3.2, +1.1) adjusted up while Debate Preview Special (0.7) adjusted down.

  • Numbers posted. On the night of the second presidential debate, this time Fox sat out of the broadcast simulcast in favor of Thursday Night Football.

The War of 18-49, MacGyver

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 10/21/20

FINALS UPDATE: Big Brother (1.0), The Amazing Race (0.7), American Ninja Warrior (0.5) and World Series (2.3, +0.5) adjusted up.

  • ABC's Wednesday comedies became the first of the 'normal' fall scripted offerings to return, with a one-hour The Goldbergs (0.8) leading into relocated The Conners (0.9) and Black-ish (0.6). Goldbergs and Conners both matched their May finales, though Goldbergs looked a little better on a year-to-year basis (down two tenths from a 1.0 for last fall's premiere). Black-ish was up from its last few spring results, but had a similar year-to-year decline as The Conners. The comedies seemed to help out documentary The Con (0.5), which grew by two tenths vs. last week when it had a movie lead-in.
  • NBC's The Wall (0.6) and American Ninja Warrior (0.4) both kicked off new Wednesday runs, with the latter taking a rough hit. The CBS reality duo of Big Brother (0.9) and The Amazing Race (0.6) edged down from last week, while the World Series Game 2 prelims (2.1/1.6/1.7) looked similar to Game 1.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 10/20/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelorette (1.2), The Voice (1.1) and World Series (2.4, +0.6) adjusted up.

  • Week two of The Bachelorette (1.1/1.0) and the two-hour Tuesday premiere of The Voice (1.0/1.1) went head-to-head and were in a dead heat in adults 18-49. The former dropped significantly from last week's premiere, but still demolished The Voice in adults 18-34 (1.1 to 0.5). The Voice helped lift Transplant (0.6) to a new series high at 10/9c.
  • Against the reality clash, Fox led the way with Game 1 of the World Series (2.1/1.7/1.5), but it was down significantly from last year's 2.9 prelim for Game 1. The CW's Swamp Thing had a preliminary 0.1 for the first time (after adjusting down to it last week).

The War of 18-49, Bull

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 10/19/20

FINALS UPDATE: Dancing with the Stars (0.8, -0.2), Emergency Call (0.4) and LA's Finest (0.6, -0.3) adjusted down.

  • A later-than-usual return for The Voice (1.2) put NBC on top of Monday night, though it was down roughly 30% from last year's fall premiere. The show also helped Weakest Link (0.8), now in a new Monday 10/9c slot, to rebound from last week's ugliness.
  • Despite more NBC competition, ABC at least preliminarily edged back up with Dancing with the Stars (1.0) and Emergency Call (0.5), while CBS' Big Brother (0.9) and One Day At a Time (0.2/0.2) were down.
  • Fox had a COVID-delayed NFL game in the late afternoon and running slightly into primetime, distorting the early numbers for LA's Finest (0.9) and Filthy Rich (0.4).

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