Monday, November 30, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 11/29/20

FINALS UPDATE: Supermarket Sweep (0.6), NFL Overrun (6.0, +0.7), Movie: Coming to America (0.6), The Simpsons (R) (0.6) and Bob's Burgers (R) (0.5) adjusted up while Card Sharks (0.2) and 60 Minutes (2.0) adjusted down.

  • Returning from a week off, ABC's Supermarket Sweep (0.5) took a brutal drop, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.4) is also eyeing a new low despite promoting a million dollar winner. They had little help from the 7/6c hour as the Prep & Landing Christmas specials (0.4/0.5) significantly underperformed America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • Mixed in with repeats and the Ice Age holiday special, Fox's The Simpsons (0.6) and Bob's Burgers (0.5) were each down a notch from their last non-NFL night three weeks ago. CBS used its national overrun on 60 Minutes (2.6/1.5), a repeat of The Neighborhood (0.7) and a movie night (0.5).

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Friday 11/27/20

FINALS UPDATE: Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (0.6), Frosty the Snowman (0.6) and Frosty Returns (0.5) adjusted up.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 11/26/20

FINALS UPDATE: Olaf's Frozen Adventure (0.5), Toy Story That Time Forgot (0.5), The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration (0.5), Young Sheldon (R) (0.4), National Dog Show (0.7), The Masked Singer (3.5, +0.5) and I Can See Your Voice (1.8, +0.2) adjusted up.

  • Numbers posted.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 11/25/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Goldbergs (0.7), American Housewife (0.6), The Conners (0.7), Black-ish (0.5), The Masked Singer (R) (0.6) and I Can See Your Voice (R) (0.5) adjusted up.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 11/24/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelorette (1.3), FBI (0.9), The Voice (1.0) and Weakest Link (R) (0.7) adjusted up.

  • ABC's Big Sky (0.7) was steady vs. last week's premiere (and up in total viewers), despite a diminished The Bachelorette lead-in (1.2/1.1).
  • The CBS drama trio also looked similar in its second week back, with NCIS (0.9) even and FBI (0.8) giving up a tenth to its spin-off FBI: Most Wanted (0.7). NBC's The Voice (0.9) took a dip as a Weakest Link repeat (0.6) took over for This Is Us in the 9/8c hour.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 11/22/20

FINALS UPDATE: America's Funniest Home Videos (0.6), Sunday Night Football (5.4, +1.2), NFL Overrun (6.1, +1.7), The OT (6.1, +1.9) and Bob's Burgers (0.7) adjusted up while Pandora (0.0) adjusted down.

  • The American Music Awards (1.0/1.0/0.8) on ABC became the latest awards show to take a major dip in the COVID era, eyeing a 40%ish decline from last year's 1.7.
  • Fox had an NFL overrun that ran almost up to the end of the 7:00 hour, but preliminarily The Simpsons (1.5) was only a bit up from last week, Bless the Harts (0.7) was even and the 9/8c veterans (0.6/0.6) were down.
  • CBS was even to slightly up with its NCIS spin-offs (0.6/0.5). The CW's The Outpost hung onto its 0.1 in a move to Sunday after Pandora (0.1).

Friday, November 20, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 11/19/20

FINALS UPDATE: Station 19 (1.0), Grey's Anatomy (1.3), Superstore (R) (0.3) and Thursday Night Football (4.3, +1.7) adjusted up.

  • Numbers posted. The CW's Supernatural aired its series finale at 9/8c, following a one-hour retrospective special. A Million Little Things returned to ABC.

SpotVault - A Million Little Things (ABC) - 2020-21 Ratings

A Million Little Things
Thursdays, 10/9c, ABC

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 11/18/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Goldbergs (0.7), The Amazing Race (0.7), The Amazing Race (0.6), Chicago Fire (1.0) and The Masked Singer (1.7) adjusted up.

  • ABC sophomore drama For Life (0.4) returned in the 10/9c hour, matching its low point from season one but tying its Black-ish lead-in (0.4) on a rough night for the comedies. Compared with two weeks ago, The Goldbergs (0.6) plunged two tenths, American Housewife (0.6) was even, and The Conners (0.6) and Black-ish each dropped a tenth.
  • NBC's Chicago trio (1.0/0.9/0.8) was also down one to two tenths from last week, but that was no help to CBS' S.W.A.T. (0.3) which got even lower, airing at 10/9c after two hours of The Amazing Race (0.6/0.5).
  • The steadiest network was Fox, which dominated as The Masked Singer (1.6) at worst matched last week while I Can See Your Voice (1.0) was up a tenth.

SpotVault - For Life (ABC) - 2020-21 Ratings

For Life
Wednesdays, 10/9c, ABC

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 11/17/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelorette (1.4), Big Sky (0.7), FBI (0.9) and NEXT (0.3) adjusted up.

  • ABC launched new David E. Kelley drama Big Sky (0.6) at 10/9c with less than one-half retention after The Bachelorette (1.3). It was an improvement on recent occupants of the post-Bachelorette slot, like last week's CMA preview and random repeats, but starting at this rating means it could well get to those levels.
  • CBS' Tuesday drama trio of NCIS (0.9), FBI (0.8) and FBI: Most Wanted (0.6), with the first two coming back way behind where we last saw them (though they wrapped early in the spring when viewing was still very high). NCIS was actually at a new series low if it stays there in finals, while FBI and Most Wanted were a little more in line with what they had been doing in the pre-pandemic part of the season.
  • NBC continued to hold its own with The Voice (1.1) even and This Is Us (1.2) inching down again, while Transplant (0.4) fell another tenth at 10/9c.

SpotVault - NCIS (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Tuesdays, 8/7c, CBS

SpotVault - FBI: Most Wanted (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

FBI: Most Wanted
Tuesdays, 10/9c, CBS

SpotVault - FBI (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Tuesdays, 9/8c, CBS

SpotVault - Big Sky (ABC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Big Sky
Tuesdays, 10/9c, ABC

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 11/16/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Good Doctor (0.6) adjusted up while The Neighborhood (0.8), All Rise (0.5), Bull (0.4), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R) (0.2) and Penn and Teller: Fool Us (0.1) adjusted down.

  • CBS' Monday lineup from last season returned intact with The Neighborhood (0.9), Bob Hearts Abishola (0.7), All Rise (0.6) and Bull (0.5). These numbers could go down due to NFL preemption, but at least preliminarily Neighborhood and All Rise matched their spring finales, while Abishola and Bull were below.
  • ABC's Dancing with the Stars (0.8) and The Good Doctor (0.5) each dropped a tenth, basically tying NBC as The Voice (0.9/0.8) went fractional while Weakest Link (0.5) was even. Fox was down with LA's Finest (0.3) and Filthy Rich (0.2).

SpotVault - The Unicorn (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

The Unicorn
Thursdays, 9:30/8:30c, CBS

SpotVault - The Neighborhood (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

The Neighborhood
Mondays, 8/7c, CBS

SpotVault - The Blacklist (NBC) - 2020-21 Ratings

The Blacklist
Fridays, 8/7c, NBC

SpotVault - Station 19 (ABC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Station 19
Thursdays, 8/7c, ABC

SpotVault - S.W.A.T. (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Wednesdays, 10/9c, CBS

SpotVault - Law and Order: SVU (NBC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Law and Order: SVU
Thursdays, 9/8c, NBC

SpotVault - Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Grey's Anatomy
Thursdays, 9/8c, ABC

SpotVault - Chicago PD (NBC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Chicago PD
Wednesdays, 10/9c, NBC

SpotVault - Chicago Med (NBC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Chicago Med
Wednesdays, 8/7c, NBC

SpotVault - Chicago Fire (NBC) - 2020-21 Ratings

Chicago Fire
Wednesdays, 9/8c, NBC

SpotVault - Bull (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Mondays, 10/9c, CBS

SpotVault - Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Bob Hearts Abishola
Mondays, 8:30/7:30c, CBS

SpotVault - All Rise (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

All Rise
Mondays, 9/8c, CBS

Monday, November 16, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 11/15/20

FINALS UPDATE: America's Funniest Home Videos (0.8), Football Night in America p3 (3.3), Sunday Night Football (4.6, +0.9), NFL Overrun (5.4, +2.4), The Simpsons (1.3) and Bless the Harts (0.7) adjusted up.

  • Thanks to early afternoon Masters coverage on CBS, both CBS and Fox had a late-afternoon NFL lead-in for most of the country. The hourly numbers given are 2.0/1.0/0.5/0.3 but with most of the country starting primetime at 7:34 ET, the reality is probably closer to 2.4 for the NFL overrun, 1.6/1.3 for 60 Minutes, 0.6/0.5 for NCIS: Los Angeles and 0.4/0.4 for NCIS: New Orleans.
  • With a diluted NFL lead-in, Fox's cartoons were lower than two weeks ago when they had NFL support, with big drops for The Simpsons (1.2) and Bless the Harts (0.6), though Bob's Burgers (0.7) and Family Guy (0.7) perked back up in the 9/8c hour. ABC's Supermarket Sweep (0.8) was on the upswing while the other three hours (0.7/0.5/0.3) were even.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Friday 11/13/20

FINALS UPDATE: Shark Tank (0.8) and 20/20 (0.6) adjusted up.

  • NBC's The Blacklist (0.4) became the latest scripted series to return, and it did so in quiet fashion. While this was a far cry from the 0.8 it hit at the height of the viewing inflation last spring, it was only a tenth below the fall premiere a year ago (and also a tenth below the season finale in May).
  • ABC trounced NBC head-to-head with Shark Tank (0.7) and 20/20 (0.6/0.5) both at or tying their season highs. On CBS, Undercover Boss (0.3) was back from a couple weeks off and stayed low.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 11/12/20

FINALS UPDATE: Station 19 (1.2) and Thursday Night Football (3.5, +1.4) adjusted up.

  • ABC had a strong return from its Thursday drama staples Station 19 (1.1) and two hours of Grey's Anatomy (1.4/1.2). Both shows were off only a bit from their COVID-fueled heights from the spring, and above their pre-COVID winter levels. Grey's averaged a 1.1 in A18-34 in the 9/8c hour, tying last season's high.
  • On CBS, there was some consolation as Young Sheldon (0.8) ticked up from last week's premiere, but things quickly dropped from there. Newbie B Positive (0.5) declined even as its lead-in was up, and sophomore The Unicorn (0.4) had a slow start at 9:30, following a steady Mom (0.6).
  • Following an original (0.5) and repeat (0.3) of Superstore, NBC brought back Law and Order: SVU (0.6) at 9/8c, which came in toward the low end of its ratings in the 10/9c hour last year.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 11/11/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Amazing Race (0.7), Chicago Med (1.2), Chicago PD (1.0) and The Masked Singer (1.6) adjusted up.

  • NBC's Chicago Wednesday returned in mostly healthy fashion, though with some inconsistent trends. At 8/7c, Chicago Med (1.1) was actually up from last year's 1.0 premiere, while Chicago Fire (1.0) was down a tenth from last year's 1.1 and Chicago PD (0.9) was down two tenths.
  • They completely flattened CBS' two-hour return of S.W.A.T. (0.4/0.4), which is eyeing a new series low on premiere night. The Amazing Race (0.6) was also on the low end against big competition.
  • ABC had the CMA Awards (1.1/1.1/0.9), down at least 40% from last year's 2.0, which lost to Fox's The Masked Singer (1.5) and I Can See Your Voice (0.9) but did seem to take a bite out of the music-themed lineup.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 11/10/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelorette (1.7) and NEXT (0.3) adjusted up.

  • Back on Tuesday after the election, The Bachelorette (1.6/1.5) was in line with its Thursday episode last week, which was good enough for a surge vs. its Tuesday episode two weeks ago. But a CMA Awards preview at 10/9c (0.4) could not take advantage of the lead-in.
  • Despite a stronger Bachelorette, NBC held up well with The Voice (1.1) actually growing vs. two weeks ago and This Is Us (1.3) down just a tenth from its two-hour premiere. Transplant (0.5) was back for the first time in three weeks and dropped a tenth.
  • This night also featured the return of Fox's Cosmos: Possible Worlds (0.3) and NEXT (0.2), CBS' The FBI Declassified (0.3) and the CW's Swamp Thing (0.1) and Tell Me a Story (0.1).

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 11/9/20

FINALS UPDATE: Bob Hearts Abishola (R) (0.4), LA's Finest (0.4) and Filthy Rich (0.3) adjusted up while Dancing with the Stars (0.9), The Good Doctor (0.6), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R) (0.2) and Penn and Teller: Fool Us (R) (0.1) adjusted down.

  • ABC was even to up from last week with Dancing with the Stars (1.0/0.9) and The Good Doctor (0.7) but could be affected by football preemptions.
  • It was a soft return from a week off for NBC's Weakest Link (0.5), eyeing a new series low, and its lead-in The Voice (1.0/0.9) dropped from last week. Fox's Filthy Rich posted another preliminary 0.2 (though it adjusted up to 0.3 in finals last week).

SpotVault - Young Sheldon (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Young Sheldon
Thursdays, 8/7c, CBS

SpotVault - NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

NCIS: New Orleans
Sundays, 10/9c, CBS

SpotVault - NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

NCIS: Los Angeles
Sundays, 9/8c, CBS

SpotVault - Mom (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

Thursdays, 9/8c, CBS

SpotVault - B Positive (CBS) - 2020-21 Ratings

B Positive
Thursdays, 8:30/7:30c, CBS

Monday, November 9, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 11/8/20

FINALS UPDATE: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.5), NFL Overrun (5.8, +1.3), 60 Minutes (2.0, +0.6), NCIS: Los Angeles (0.8), NCIS: New Orleans (0.6), Sunday Night Football (5.0, +1.0) and The Simpsons (0.7) adjusted up.

  • The CBS procedurals NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans returned after a national NFL-boosted 60 Minutes. The hourly breakdowns were 4.5/1.4/0.7/0.5 and the half-hours were 5.2/3.8/1.8/1.1/0.8/0.7/0.5/0.4. The primetime lineup started right at 7:45 on the East Coast, so the top-of-hour numbers may not be too far off of where they end up in finals (that would be 1.8 for 60 Minutes, 0.8 for LA and 0.5 for NO).
  • ABC's Supermarket Sweep (0.7) and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.4) will again be looking for finals help to avoid new lows, while the Fox animation (0.6/0.4/0.6/0.6) aired without NFL help and looked a little better than when it was last in that spot four weeks ago (0.5/0.4/0.5/0.6).

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Friday 11/6/20

FINALS UPDATE: Shark Tank (0.4) and CBS News Election Special (0.3) adjusted up while Masters of Illusion (R) (0.0) adjusted down.

  • Numbers posted.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 11/5/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelorette (1.6, +0.2), ABC News Election Special (0.6), NBC News Election Special (0.5) and Thursday Night Football (3.8, +1.4) adjusted up.

  • Numbers posted. Three CBS comedies premiered their seasons, with veterans Young Sheldon and Mom sandwiching 8:30 newbie B Positive.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 11/4/20

FINALS UPDATE: The Goldbergs (0.8), Black-ish (0.5), America Decides - Still Counting (0.4), Decision 2020: Election Special (0.9) and The Masked Singer (1.7) adjusted up.

  • The three-hour networks had continuing election coverage for part or all of primetime. NBC (0.9/0.9/0.7) led the way again with its full three hours. ABC's (0.5) was just in the 10/9c hour, following a comedy night on which the 8:00 hour of The Goldbergs (0.7) and American Housewife (0.6) were steady but the 9/8c comedies The Conners (0.7) and especially Black-ish (0.4) dropped.
  • CBS was also on election coverage in the 10/9c hour (0.3), with The Amazing Race (0.7) at 8/7c and a last-minute repeat at 9/8c (0.3).
  • The only network without election coverage was Fox, which dominated with a steady to up The Masked Singer (1.6) and I Can See Your Voice (1.1).

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 11/3/20

FINALS UPDATE: ABC Election (1.6) adjusted up while CBS Election (1.1), Fox Election (1.0, -0.2) and Penn and Teller: Fool Us (R) (0.1) adjusted down.

  • NBC (1.7) led the way among the big four broadcast election coverage, but in a relatively tight four-way race over ABC (1.4/1.5/1.5), Fox (1.2) and CBS (1.1/1.2/1.1). Four years ago, NBC averaged a much more dominant 4.0, vs. 2.7/2.4/1.2 for the competition.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 11/2/20

FINALS UPDATE: Dancing with the Stars (0.8), The Good Doctor (0.7), The Voice (1.1) and Filthy Rich (0.3) adjusted up while Penn and Teller: Fool Us (R) (0.1) adjusted down.

  • ABC's The Good Doctor (0.6) returned low in the 10:00 hour, off by at least a third from last year's 0.96 premiere. In a reunion with its usual lead-out, Dancing with the Stars (0.7) was also on the low end.
  • NBC was steady with The Voice (1.0) and a Saturday Night Live election special (0.6). Fox's dramas (0.3/0.2) both dropped, and CBS had another The Price Is Right special (0.6) at 8/7c.

SpotVault - The Good Doctor (ABC) - 2020-21 Ratings

The Good Doctor
Mondays, 10/9c, ABC

Monday, November 2, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 11/1/20

FINALS UPDATE: Supermarket Sweep (0.8), 60 Minutes (0.9), Sunday Night Football (4.9, +1.0), NFL Overrun (6.3, +1.9) and Bob's Burgers (0.8) adjusted up while Football Night in America p2 (0.6, -0.8), Football Night in America p3 (1.9, -1.6), The Simpsons (1.7, -0.5) and Bless the Harts (0.8) adjusted down.

  • ABC's unscripted lineup continued moving down in week three, with Supermarket Sweep (0.7) and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (0.5) each dropping. 
  • Fox's cartoons (2.2/0.9/0.7/0.7) aired after a national NFL game for the first time since premiere week, and NBC's Sunday Night Football (4.3/4.1/3.5) rebounded with no more World Series competition.

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