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Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/27/19

FINALS UPDATE: Survivor (1.6) adjusted up while Schooled (R) (0.5), Modern Family (R) (0.5) and Million Dollar Mile (0.9) adjusted down.

  • CBS got an OK start for reality newbie Million Dollar Mile (1.0) at 9/8c, leading out of Survivor (1.5). The show tied The World's Best Wednesday premiere from early February (which was just three days after a post-Super Bowl airing) and also tied SEAL Team's highest rating in the 9/8c hour this season. But MDM was no help to SEAL Team (0.6), which hit its second straight new low in the 10/9c hour.
  • ABC's Whiskey Cavalier fell to its first 0.5, airing after comedy repeats (0.7/0.7/0.6/0.4).
  • Back to originals for the first time in a month, NBC's Chicago series (1.2/1.2/1.1) were all even. They were ahead of the Fox dramas, as Empire (1.1) fell to a new low and Star (0.9) tied its Halloween low.
  • And the CW welcomed back Jane the Virgin (0.3) for its final season, tying its lead-in from Riverdale (0.3). Jane tied its highest rating from last season (which aired on Friday).

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/26/19

FINALS UPDATE: NCIS (1.2) and This Is Us (1.7) adjusted up.

  • Week two of The Village (0.7) dropped a tenth from last week, as did its lead-in This Is Us (1.6). It was the same for the other week two newbie, Fox's Mental Samurai (0.6), which was down alongside MasterChef Junior (0.7).
  • ABC (0.8/0.6/0.6/0.6/0.7) matched all of last week's preliminaries (though The Kids Are Alright later adjusted up to a 0.7 last week). CBS (1.1/0.9/0.7) was even vs. two weeks ago, but the CW's Roswell, New Mexico was back down to 0.2 with a repeat The Flash lead-in (0.2).

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/25/19

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • Week two of The Fix (0.6) was down a tenth, but still pulled into sole possession of second place at 10/9c as CBS aired a Mueller report special (0.4). Fix's lead-in American Idol (1.2) was even.
  • With the return of The Neighborhood (1.0) on CBS, Man with a Plan (0.8) shed a tenth, while Magnum P.I. (0.7) was flat. Most of the rest of broadcast was also close to even, including NBC with The Voice (1.6/1.7) and The Enemy Within (0.8) as well as the just-renewed dramas on Fox (0.9/1.2) and the CW's Arrow (0.3).

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/24/19

FINALS UPDATE: Shark Tank (0.9) adjusted up while 60 Minutes (1.6, -0.5), God Friended Me (0.9) and Madam Secretary (0.5, -0.2) adjusted down.

  • The CBS Sunday lineup of 60 Minutes (2.1), God Friended Me (1.0), NCIS: Los Angeles (0.9/0.8) and Madam Secretary (0.7) started 40 minutes late due to NCAA basketball overrun. Downward adjustments are likely, especially with the earlier programs.
  • ABC was down a tick with American Idol (1.2) and Shark Tank (0.8), while NBC's Good Girls rebounded to 0.6 after another 0.8 from World of Dance. Fox's comedies (0.8/0.9/0.9) and the CW's dramas (0.3/0.2) were even.

Renewology Week 26: The Fix and The Village Premiere

Here's a look at the big Renewology developments in week 26.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/21/19

FINALS UPDATE: NCAA Basketball (1.2, +0.2) adjusted up while NCAA Basketball (0.9) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.5) adjusted down.

  • Numbers to come.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/20/19

FINALS UPDATE: Empire (1.2) adjusted up while Survivor (1.3) adjusted down.

  • CBS' Survivor (1.4/1.3) went to two hours, leading into the return of SEAL Team (0.7) at 10/9c. SEAL hit a new series low with its first episode this season in the tougher hour.
  • But the eye was still on top in each hour, as ABC was up a tenth with The Goldbergs (1.2) but down a tenth with all its other comedies (0.9/1.1/0.7) and even with Whiskey Cavalier (0.6). Fox's Empire (1.1) and Star (1.0) shed a tenth from last week's underwhelming spring premieres, and NBC had a two-hour The Voice recap (1.0) and a Michael Buble special (0.5). The CW (0.3/0.2) was even.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/19/19

FINALS UPDATE: The Kids Are Alright (0.7) adjusted up while The Village (0.8) adjusted down.

  • NBC premiered this year's spring heir to the This Is Us timeslot, new drama The Village (0.9), at 10/9c, where it held barely half of the This Is Us (1.7) lead-in. On premiere night, it couldn't even get to the 1.0 New Amsterdam has been pulling here all year; it's possible to be weaker than New Amsterdam and still successful, but it has little cushion to work with here. It was down 25% from the Rise premiere last spring, but This Is Us was down a whooping 39% from that same night.
  • Fox had a premiere of its own with unscripted newbie Mental Samurai (0.7), which was down a tenth from its MasterChef Junior (0.8) lead-in (and in line with the second hour of MasterChef from last week).
  • ABC's comedies (0.8/0.6/0.6/0.6) returned in rather ugly fashion after The Bachelor's stint in their timeslot; the first three were all down by two tenths from three weeks ago, making a steady Splitting Up Together look better by comparison. The closest thing to a winner on ABC was The Rookie (0.7), which held onto part of its post-Bachelor uptick from two weeks ago.
  • CBS was repeats (0.7/0.6/0.5) and the CW preliminarily got a rebound from Roswell, New Mexico (0.3).

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/18/19

FINALS UPDATE: American Idol (1.2) adjusted up.

  • American Idol (1.2/1.1) kicked off its Monday run well below anything it did on Monday last year (nearly 40% behind the year-ago 1.85 Monday premiere) and launched new 10/9c drama The Fix (0.7) to little interest. Fix could only tie where Whiskey Cavalier started with a Single Parents lead-in a few weeks ago, and was well below Whiskey's 0.9 in a week two episode after Idol. It was also down in Plus from the premiere of The Crossing (0.9), the ultimately failed occupant of this timeslot in the spring a year ago.
  • If there was any consolation for Idol, it was that The Voice (1.7) had a down night as well, and The Enemy Within (0.8) dropped along with it.
  • Fox's 9-1-1 (1.2) returned after nearly four months off, at the low end of its fall ratings, while lead-in The Resident (0.9) inched down at 8/7c.
  • CBS' Man with a Plan (0.9) looked better with a The Big Bang Theory repeat lead-in (0.9), but Bull (0.7) was down at 10/9c following comedy repeats (0.8/0.6) in the 9/8c hour. The CW (0.3/0.2) was even.

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Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/17/19

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • CBS got its first of several basketball-related Sunday jolts, as 60 Minutes (1.1) led out of the NCAA tournament selection show in the 6:00 ET hour. That helped God Friended Me (0.8) to its best rating since January, and kept NCIS: Los Angeles at its solid 0.9 from two weeks ago, though Madam Secretary inched down to 0.5 at 10/9c.
  • There was not a lot of change with two-hour reality series American Idol (1.3) and World of Dance (0.8/0.9), which matched last week's preliminary hours, but at 10/9c Shark Tank (0.9) was up a tenth and Good Girls (0.5) lost a precious one. Fox's Bob's Burgers (0.9) and Family Guy (0.8) traded ratings, while the CW (0.3/0.2) was even.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Friday 3/15/19

FINALS UPDATE: Speechless (0.4), MacGyver (0.6), Hawaii Five-0 (0.7) and Blue Bloods (0.6, -0.2) adjusted down.

  • Numbers to come. Adjustments may be more likely due to NCAA basketball preemptions.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/14/19

FINALS UPDATE: For the People (0.5), The Big Bang Theory (R) (1.1), Fam (0.9), Fam (0.7), S.W.A.T. (R) (0.5), Superstore (0.9), A.P. Bio (0.5), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.6) and Law and Order: SVU (0.7) adjusted down.

  • Week two of the new TGIT saw drops for Grey's Anatomy (1.4) and Station 19 (0.8), tying a season low for both, but For the People (0.6) eked out a week two uptick if it holds in finals.
  • CBS' only originals were Fam at 8:30 (1.0) and 9:30 (0.8), following repeats of The Big Bang Theory (1.2) at 8:00 and Young Sheldon (0.8) at 9:00. Against a weaker CBS, most of the NBC comedy lineup fared better with Superstore (1.0), A.P. Bio (0.6) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.7) all on the rise from last week. But Will and Grace (0.6) and Law and Order: SVU (0.8) inched down.
  • Fox did better than usual with the iHeartRadio Music Awards (0.9), returning to broadcast after a three-year stint on cable. The CW's Supernatural (0.4) was even and Legacies (0.3) up.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/13/19

FINALS UPDATE: Chicago Med (R) (0.6) and Empire (1.2) adjusted down.

  • Fox's Empire (1.3) and Star (1.1) returned for the spring, down by 35% and 27% from their respective 2.0/1.5 spring returns a year ago. That's a significantly worse year-to-year trend than either of those shows experienced in the fall half of the season, and in fact they were both down from their fall finales (1.5/1.2).
  • ABC's Whiskey Cavalier (0.6) was back to leading out of Single Parents (0.8) following post-American Idol exposure last week, and it dipped by a precious tenth from what it pulled on series premiere night two weeks ago. ABC did see comedies Schooled (1.0), Modern Family (1.2) as well as SP uptick vs. two weeks ago when they were facing the gigahit The Masked Singer finale.
  • CBS said goodbye to The World's Best (0.7/0.6), leading out of a steady Survivor (1.5), and the CW was even again with Riverdale (0.3) and All American (0.2).

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/12/19

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelor (2.4) adjusted up while FBI (0.9) adjusted down.

  • ABC's The Bachelor barrage finished up with two hours of 'After the Final Rose' (2.3) on Tuesday. Like last season when also scheduled this way, it tied the Monday finale, but we'll see if it can get find a new height in finals. The lead-in was wasted on a preview of unscripted offering Videos After Dark (0.8), which could only tie what The Rookie did last week when the lead-in was two-thirds as big.
  • Fox featured the two-hour return of MasterChef Junior (0.8/0.7). It was probably down a bit in Plus from last year's 0.93 premiere, which was on a Friday.
  • And NBC said goodbye for now to Tuesday editions of The Voice, bringing back Ellen's Game of Games (1.2) to the 8/7c hour at new low levels. In spite of the lead-in downgrade, This Is Us (1.8) managed an uptick, while New Amsterdam had the same 1.0 it's posted for every 2019 episode.
  • On CBS, NCIS (1.1) hit a low in its first post-DST episode, and so did NCIS: New Orleans (0.7) at 10/9c while FBI (1.0) was even. The CW was down with both The Flash (0.5) and Roswell, New Mexico (0.2).

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/11/19

FINALS UPDATE: The Bachelor (2.3) and Man with a Plan (0.8) adjusted up while The Good Doctor (1.3) and The Enemy Within (0.9) adjusted down.

  • The season finale of The Bachelor (2.2) rose to a new season high, tying last season's finale, and also provided a jolt to The Good Doctor (1.4) at 10/9c. (If it holds in finals, TGD would have a new season high as well.)
  • Despite bigger ABC competition, NBC fared pretty well as The Voice (2.0) managed to stay in the twos and The Enemy Within (1.0) preliminarily pulled off a week three rebound.
  • The news was not quite so rosy elsewhere, as CBS' The Neighborhood (1.0) was down in its return to originals and also couldn't provide any help to Man with a Plan (0.7) and Magnum P.I. (0.7). On Fox, The Passage (0.8/0.7) finished up with a two-hour finale, hitting a new low in the second hour. The CW's Arrow did manage to come back up to 0.3 after last week's huge stinker.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/10/19

FINALS UPDATE: Aretha! A Grammy Celebration for the Queen of Soul (0.6), World of Dance (0.8) and The Simpsons (R) (0.4) adjusted down.

  • Numbers and analysis coming shortly.

Spotted Ratings, Friday 3/8/19

FINALS UPDATE: 20/20 (0.6) adjusted down.

  • It was a rare Friday night on which Last Man Standing was not the highest-rated Friday series, as Gayle King's interview with R. Kelly (1.2) provided a big boost to CBS' 8/7c hour and helped lift Hawaii Five-0 (0.9) and Blue Bloods (0.9) to tie their season highs.
  • Fox's comedies (1.0/0.7) were even, but Proven Innocent dipped back to 0.4. ABC was also even with the comedies (0.6/0.4) and down later in the night with 20/20 (0.7/0.6). And NBC featured the returns of Blindspot (0.5) and The Blacklist (0.5), with Blacklist dropping to 0.5 for just the second time this season.

Renewology Week 24 (Part 2): Station 19, For the People, A.P. Bio

Here's a look at some more big Renewology developments in week 24. If you missed the bonus post on Friday, I covered Good Girls and week two of The Enemy Within and Whiskey Cavalier there.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/7/19

FINALS UPDATE: Station 19 (0.9) and For the People (0.5) adjusted down.

  • Numbers to come. Superstore and Station 19 returned from months-long hiatuses, while For the People and A.P. Bio had their second season premieres.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Renewology Week 24: Good Girls, Whiskey Cavalier, The Enemy Within

Here's a look at the big Renewology developments in the first three days of week 24. Will do a second post early next week, since there should be a lot to chew on with Thursday's ratings.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/6/19

FINALS UPDATE: American Idol Special (1.5) adjusted up.

  • ABC's big unscripted week continued with American Idol (1.4/1.5) making a one-time stop on a special night, where it was below Sunday's premiere but right in line with Survivor (1.5) for top program of the night. The show also provided a boost for episode two of Whiskey Cavalier (0.9), which (like Tuesday's The Rookie after The Bachelor) grew by two tenths week-to-week.
  • Idol had a lot of unscripted competition, as Fox finished off its reality winter with the last two hours of 24 Hours to Hell and Back (0.8/0.8), while CBS' Survivor (1.5) led into a minor rally for The World's Best (0.6/0.5). The CW was even with Riverdale (0.3) and All American (0.2).

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/5/19

FINALS UPDATE: The Voice (1.9) adjusted up.

  • The Bachelor (1.6) made its first of two straight stops on Tuesday, where it fared a few tenths worse than on its regular night. The lead-in upgrade helped bring The Rookie (0.8) up by a couple tenths at 10/9c.
  • NBC still won head-to-head in each hour, but was down from last week with The Voice (1.8) and This Is Us (1.7), while New Amsterdam (1.0) was even. The CW's Roswell, New Mexico got back up to 0.3 with the return of The Flash (0.6) at 8/7c.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/4/19

FINALS UPDATE: Magnum P.I. (0.7), The Voice (2.1) and The Passage (0.9) adjusted up while The Resident (0.9) adjusted down.

  • Week two of The Enemy Within (0.9) took a sizable week two drop, skewing much older than last week with no Bull competition in the timeslot. (It was just 7% from last week in total viewers!) It fell behind a steady The Good Doctor (1.1), while their respective lead-ins The Voice (1.9/2.2) and The Bachelor (1.9/2.1) were in a virtual dead heat in the first two hours.
  • On CBS, things fell apart for Man with a Plan (0.7) and Magnum P.I. (0.6) following a repeat of The Neighborhood (0.8). The Passage (0.8) couldn't bounce back for Fox, despite a nice return from its lead-in The Resident (1.0). And the CW had a truly dreadful return from several weeks off, with Arrow and Black Lightning each managing only a 0.2.

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/3/19

FINALS UPDATE: 60 Minutes (0.9) and The Simpsons (0.8) adjusted down.

  • Sunday night became another ABC/NBC reality battleground, as American Idol (1.7/1.6) returned for its second ABC season and went up against NBC's World of Dance (0.9/1.0) from 8:00-10:00. Idol was down 25-30% from its 2.3 opener a year ago, while WoD will tie or go below the 1.0 series low from its Wednesday airings last summer. WoD was just a small Plus improvement on last year's premiere night from Little Big Shots (1.1) and Genius Junior (1.0), but it might end up looking better later in the spring because those shows fell quite hard.
  • At 10/9c, Shark Tank (0.9) took up residence in the hour, while NBC drama Good Girls (0.7) returned for its sophomore season. Good Girls was below everything it did after The Voice last year (its low in season one was a 0.9), and basically in line with last year's 0.8 Timeless premiere in Plus.
  • After some big stinkers two weeks ago, CBS dramas God Friended Me (0.7), NCIS: Los Angeles (0.9) and Madam Secretary (0.6) were all on the rebound, and so was the CW with Supergirl (0.4) and Charmed (0.3). Also compared with two weeks ago, Fox was even to slightly down with its animated comedies (0.9/0.8/0.8).

Friday, March 1, 2019

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 2/28/19

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • ABC's last two hours, A Million Little Things (1.1) and How to Get Away with Murder (0.6), both wrapped for the season. HTGAWM managed to bounce back from its first ever 0.5 last week, while AMLT tied a series high it's hit five other times this season.
  • NBC had a finale of its own with The Titan Games (1.0), but it was actually down week-to-week, as were comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.7) and Will and Grace (0.6). Fox's Gotham (0.6) and The Orville (0.8) were even, while CBS' Fam (0.8) and CW's Legacies (0.3) were the only originals on their respective networks.

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