Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/30/20

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • Shifting its remaining American Idol content to Sundays, ABC was lower but still fine in the first two hours with a Celebrity Family Feud repeat (0.9) and another coronavirus 20/20 special (0.8). But despite the lower lead-in, The Good Doctor (1.1) ticked up for the second half of its season finale.
  • NBC was close to last week with The Voice (1.6/1.7) and Manifest (0.7), while Fox's 9-1-1 (1.3) and Prodigal Son (0.7) inched down.
  • The CW replaced Supernatural with an hour of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (0.2/0.2), including an original at 8/7c, and Roswell, New Mexico fell to 0.1 at 9/8c. CBS had comedy repeats (0.7/0.6/0.5/0.6) and a James Corden special (0.5).

Monday, March 30, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/29/20

FINALS UPDATE: The iHeart Living Room Concert for America (1.5, +0.2) adjusted up while The Simpsons (R) (0.4) and Family Guy (R) (0.5) adjusted down.

  • Fox jumped into contention on Sunday with benefit special The iHeart Living Room Concert for America (1.3/1.4), narrowly topping American Idol (1.3) head-to-head in the 9:00 hour.
  • On CBS, 60 Minutes (1.0) was down a bit leading into the return of God Friended Me (0.6) at 8/7c, but the NCIS spin-offs (0.7) stayed strong in the second half of the night.
  • NBC dramas Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (0.4) and Good Girls (0.5) were even, but their unscripted lead-ins Little Big Shots (0.4) and The Wall (0.5) lost some juice earlier in the night.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Friday 3/27/20

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • CBS partially returned to originals on Friday, making MacGyver (0.8) the latest show to hit a new season high in this time of heightened viewing levels. The penultimate episode of Hawaii Five-0 (0.9) got its own spike to tie its early January season high.
  • The stars of last week's show, Shark Tank (0.9) and The Blacklist (0.6) both came back to earth but still had their second-biggest ratings of the season. 20/20 (0.7), Dateline (0.6) and WWE SmackDown! (0.7) each lost a tenth while the CW's Charmed (0.2) and Dynasty (0.1) returned even.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/26/20

FINALS UPDATE: Station 19 (1.1), The Neighborhood (R) (0.5), Bull (R) (0.4), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.6) and Deputy (0.5) adjusted down.

  • ABC's duo of Station 19 (1.2) and Grey's Anatomy (1.3) both dropped from last week, while the season finale of A Million Little Things (0.7) was even.
  • NBC remained high in the 8/7c hour with Superstore (0.9) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.7), but tanked in the 9/8c hour with a double-dip of Indebted (0.4/0.3). Law and Order: SVU (0.7) returned for the first time in a month.
  • Fox (0.8/0.6/0.6) and the CW (0.1/0.2) matched last week's prelims (Last Man Standing adjusted up in finals last week).

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/25/20

FINALS UPDATE: Survivor (1.7) and The Masked Singer (2.2) adjusted up while LEGO Masters (1.1) adjusted down.

  • Ratings stayed high but on average were down a bit from last Wednesday. ABC's 8/7c hour took the biggest hit, with The Goldbergs (0.9) and Schooled (0.6) each dropping two tenths. The rest of the night held up, as American Housewife (0.6) and Stumptown (0.5) were even despite a repeat of Modern Family (0.5) at 10/9c.
  • Fox's The Masked Singer (2.1) inched down, but LEGO Masters (1.2) was even. The night's lone riser was Chicago Med (1.4), while the other two Chicago dramas (1.3/1.2) matched last week. CBS was flat with Survivor (1.6) and SEAL Team (0.7) but down a notch with S.W.A.T. (0.5).

SpotVault - Council of Dads (NBC) - Spring 2020 Ratings

Council of Dads
Thursdays, 8/7c, NBC

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/24/20

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • NBC previewed new drama Council of Dads (0.7) after the season finale of This Is Us (1.7), which rocketed to its highest rating since October and was just two tenths below last year's finale. NBC also had a second straight new season high from Ellen's Game of Games (1.4) at 8/7c. As for Council, it came in below last week's episode of New Amsterdam, and also a tenth behind last year's premiere of The Village which had a 0.8 after a 1.7 lead-in from This Is Us.
  • After missing out on last Tuesday's fun, CBS returned to all originals in a big way, with NCIS (1.3) tying its season high and the Dick Wolf duo of FBI (1.1) and FBI: Most Wanted (1.0) exploding to new ones.
  • ABC (1.1/0.7/0.6/0.6/0.6) was down a notch leading off with The Conners but even elsewhere. Fox's The Resident (0.8) and Empire (0.7) matched last week.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/23/20

FINALS UPDATE: 9-1-1 (1.4) adjusted up while The Good Doctor (1.0) and Manifest (0.7) adjusted down.

  • ABC showed some more strength with an uptick for the second Monday of American Idol (1.4), leading into a new season high for The Good Doctor (1.1) at 10/9c.
  • NBC was more in line with last week with The Voice (1.8/1.7) and Manifest (0.8). 9-1-1 (1.3) lost a notch but Prodigal Son (0.8) preliminarily gained one, and the CW's Supernatural (0.3) inched up in its second Monday episode.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/22/20

FINALS UPDATE: America's Funniest Home Videos (1.0), Little Big Shots (0.6, -0.2), The Simpsons (R) (0.4, -0.2) and Bob's Burgers (0.5) adjusted down.

  • This Sunday looked relatively like the last Sunday, though with even more juice early in the evening presumably due to news lead-ins. ABC opened on a new season high for America's Funniest Home Videos (1.1) but was close to last week with American Idol (1.3/1.4) and The Rookie (0.8).
  • NBC flipped Little Big Shots (0.8) to 7/6c with The Wall (0.6) at 8/7c, which provided a big boost to LBS. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist remained at 0.4, while Good Girls was back up to 0.5.
  • After 60 Minutes (1.2) increased again for CBS, the network subbed in an NCIS repeat (0.6) at 8/7c and saw further upticks for NCIS: Los Angeles (0.8) and NCIS: New Orleans (0.7).
  • Fox's The Simpsons (0.6), Duncanville (0.4) and Bob's Burgers (0.6) along with the CW (0.2/0.2) matched last week.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Friday 3/20/20

FINALS UPDATE: Hawaii Five-0 (R) (0.7) adjusted up.

  • On another night with increased viewing plus CBS in repeats because it had been planning on March Madness, ABC and NBC took major advantage. 8/7c occupants Shark Tank (1.1) and The Blacklist (0.8) exploded, each topping their previous season highs by multiple tenths.
  • The growth was there but not quite as profound for their lead-out newsmagazines 20/20 (0.8) and Dateline (0.6/0.7), as well as for WWE SmackDown! (0.8/0.7) on Fox.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/19/20

FINALS UPDATE: Bob Hearts Abishola (R) (0.6) and Last Man Standing (0.9) adjusted up while Young Sheldon (R) (0.6) and Mom (R) (0.6) adjusted down.

  • Thursday brought another huge slew of upticks. This one might seem noteworthy because we're comparing against numbers that had already started to move upward, though the big winner last Thursday was CBS which was in repeats on this night.
  • Almost everything on NBC hit a new season high, from Superstore (0.9) to Will and Grace (0.7) to Indebted (0.5). (Only Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.7) merely managed to tie its season high, and its previous high was not in the 8:30 timeslot.) A news special (0.9) aired at 10/9c.
  • ABC got multiple-tenth growth from Station 19 (1.3) and Grey's Anatomy (1.5), marking a new season high for Station, while A Million Little Things (0.7) was up a notch.
  • Fox was up two tenths with Last Man Standing (0.8) and one apiece for Outmatched (0.6) and Deputy (0.6). The CW's Katy Keene (0.1) and Legacies (0.2) were even.

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/18/20

FINALS UPDATE: Survivor (1.6) adjusted up while SEAL Team (0.7) adjusted down.

  • The coronavirus-fueled TV ratings upswing continued, led by Fox with a three-tenth uptick for The Masked Singer (2.2) and two tenths for LEGO Masters (1.2). NBC's Chicago Med (1.3), Chicago Fire (1.3) and Chicago PD (1.2) were about two tenths higher than normal.
  • The other two networks had more modest increases, as ABC opened with a new season high from The Goldbergs (1.1) and increases for Schooled (0.8) and Modern Family (0.9), but American Housewife (0.6) had a rather quiet return to Wednesday night. At 10/9c, Stumptown was back up to 0.5 for the first time since early January.
  • CBS looked only about a tenth higher than normal with Survivor (1.5), SEAL Team (0.8) and S.W.A.T. (0.6).

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/17/20

FINALS UPDATE: NCIS (R) (0.9) and New Amsterdam (0.8) adjusted up while Mixed-ish (0.6) adjusted down.

  • On another night presumably affected by a coronavirus-fueled surge in viewing levels, the standouts were ABC's The Conners (1.2) and NBC's Ellen's Game of Games (1.3). ABC's other comedies (0.7/0.7/0.6) benefited to a lesser extent as well, while For Life remained at 0.6. NBC's This Is Us (1.4) was up big vs. last week, though it was largely a rebound from last week's disaster against The Bachelor finale, and New Amsterdam (0.7) was even.
  • Fox's dramas (0.8/0.7) and CW's The Flash (0.4) were up a tenth. CBS (0.8/0.8/0.8) was in repeats (aside from FBI: Most Wanted).

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/16/20

FINALS UPDATE: No adjustments.

  • Numbers posted. The mothership 9-1-1 returned on Fox while the CW premiered season two of Roswell, New Mexico.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/15/20

FINALS UPDATE: 60 Minutes (1.1) adjusted up.

  • The big three networks all looked stronger than usual in the 7/6c hour, with the original return of America's Funniest Home Videos (1.0) tying CBS' 60 Minutes (1.0) and NBC bringing back The Wall (0.6).
  • It did not particularly translate to the rest of primetime, though CBS' drama lineup was up a little with God Friended Me (0.6) and a double dip of NCIS: New Orleans (0.6). Fox's The Simpsons (0.6), Bob's Burgers (0.6) and Family Guy (0.6) all rebounded from last week's ugliness.
  • NBC was Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and Good Girls re-converge at 0.4. ABC was even with American Idol (1.3) and The Rookie (0.8), as was the CW drama duo (0.2/0.2).

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Friday 3/13/20

FINALS UPDATE: MacGyver (0.7) adjusted up.

  • Shark Tank (0.8) stayed on top of broadcast Friday in its third week back on the night, and its lead-out 20/20 (0.7) stayed on the high end as well.
  • NBC finished the season of Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For the Bone Collector (0.6/0.5), with the show its eyeing its first 0.6 since the series premiere. CBS was even with MacGyver (0.6) and up a notch with Hawaii Five-0 (0.7) and Blue Bloods (0.7).

Friday, March 13, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 3/12/20

FINALS UPDATE: Station 19 (1.1) adjusted up while Deputy (0.5) adjusted down.

  • CBS comedy newbies The Unicorn (0.7) and Carol's Second Act (0.7) both finished their seasons on an uptick, getting help from their respective lead-ins Young Sheldon (1.1) and Mom (0.8). It was Sheldon's highest rating in 2020. Tommy posted another 0.5 at 10/9c.
  • On ABC, Grey's Anatomy (1.2) was down a notch from last week's big episode, while Station 19 (1.0) and A Million Little Things (0.6) were even.
  • Fox's Deupty (0.6) upticked while its lead-in comedies Last Man Standing (0.6) and Outmatched (0.5) stayed even. NBC had another night with Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.6), Will and Grace (0.5) and Indebted (0.4) surrounded by repeats. And the CW's Legacies (0.2) was back from a month off.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/11/20

FINALS UPDATE: ABC News Special Report (0.9) and Survivor (1.4) adjusted up while SEAL Team (0.7), Chicago Fire (R) (0.6), Chicago PD (R) (0.5) and LEGO Masters (1.0) adjusted down.

  • Numbers posted. Big four preliminary ratings subject to adjustment due to a presidential address on the coronavirus in the 9:00 ET half-hour.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/10/20

FINALS UPDATE: For Life (0.6, -0.2) adjusted down.

  • The Bachelor (2.4) exploded to another new season high for the Tuesday portion of the season finale, and this time it managed to tie the year-ago 2.4 finale. This was one of the biggest non-football-boosted entertainment episodes of the season, right on par with The Masked Singer's fall premiere (2.5) and the first couple Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time episodes (2.4). And its 2.3 in adults 18-34 beat all of those easily.
    • The huge lead-in provided a two-tenth boost to drama newbie For Life (0.8), a new series high for the show despite just one-third retention.
  • NBC's This Is Us (1.1) got mowed down by the female-skewing competition, deep into series low territory and down by three tenths vs. two weeks ago. It had a double whammy since its lead-in went back to being Ellen's Game of Games (0.9) at 8/7c. New Amsterdam (0.7) was even at 10/9c.
  • Back for the first time in three weeks, the CBS dramas (1.0/0.8/0.6) all dropped a tenth. Fox's The Resident (0.7) lost a tenth while Empire (0.6) was even, and the CW's The Flash (0.3) is headed for a new series low unless it gets help in finals.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/9/20

FINALS UPDATE: All Rise (0.6) adjusted up while Bull (0.6) adjusted down.

  • Night one of The Bachelor season finale surged to a new season high 2.1, off by just two tenths from the same night a year ago. The Good Doctor (0.9) inched up at 10/9c.
  • NBC was the hardest hit against a stronger ABC, as The Voice (1.3) fell by two tenths and Manifest (0.6) lost a tenth at 10/9c.
  • CBS had a mostly solid return from a couple weeks off with the comedies (0.9/0.7) even and Bull (0.7) up, though All Rise (0.5) had a rough time in the middle.
  • Fox was on the map with the two-hour season finale of 9-1-1: Lone Star (0.9), while season finale night saw the 0.3 streak finally end for the CW's All American (0.2).

Monday, March 9, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/8/20

FINALS UPDATE: Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (0.3) adjusted down.

  • In its third week after American Idol (1.3), The Rookie (0.8) bounced back to preliminarily tie its season high from two weeks ago.
  • NBC also had growth in the 10/9c hour as Good Girls rose to its first 0.5 of the season. But the rest of the night remained a major mess, as Little Big Shots (0.4) got even lower in its second Sunday airing and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (0.4) stayed low.
  • The other big four networks had rough starts to Daylight Saving as CBS dropped a notch with 60 Minutes (0.8), God Friended Me (0.5) and NCIS: Los Angeles (0.6). Fox's The Simpsons (0.5), Bob's Burgers (0.5) and Family Guy (0.5) fell as well. The CW (0.2/0.2) was even.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 3/4/20

FINALS UPDATE: LEGO Masters (0.9) adjusted down.

  • On ABC, a two-hour Nik Wallenda special (0.7) produced about the same average ratings as the usual comedy block, and Stumptown (0.4) was unchanged at 10/9c.
  • NBC's Chicago trio (1.0/1.1/1.0) came back to earth somewhat after last week's big return. Fox (1.8/1.0), the CW (0.2/0.1) and CBS (1.4/0.6/0.5) all matched last week's hourly averages, with S.W.A.T. returning in the 10/9c hour for the eye.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Tuesday 3/3/20

FINALS UPDATE: ABC Super Tuesday (0.4) and CBS Super Tuesday (0.3) adjusted down.

  • While the three-hour networks all went with Super Tuesday coverage (led by NBC (0.6)), Fox reunited its fall drama duo of The Resident (0.8) and Empire (0.6). Resident preliminarily took advantage against the lack of entertainment competition, hitting its highest rating since December, but Empire tied its fall low (set during Thanksgiving week).

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Monday 3/2/20

FINALS UPDATE: Prodigal Son (R) (0.3) adjusted down.

  • The Bachelor (1.8/1.7) inched down narrowly on Women Tell All night, allowing a steady week two of The Voice (1.5) to pull a bit closer. At 10/9c, The Good Doctor (0.8) remained on top as Manifest (0.7) got only a little boost in its first season two airing with a Voice lead-in.
  • The only other originals, 9-1-1: Lone Star (0.9) and the CW dramas (0.3/0.2), were even.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Spotted Ratings, Sunday 3/1/20

FINALS UPDATE: Family Guy (0.6) adjusted up while Little Big Shots (R) (0.3) adjusted down.

  • The return to Sunday for Little Big Shots (0.5) was a dud, falling below the series' lowest Plus on the night in its last run in 2018. That also meant no help to the lead-out drama duo, as Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist fell back to 0.4 at 9/8c and Good Girls (0.4) stayed there.
  • ABC's American Idol (1.3) and The Rookie (0.7) each shed a tenth, as did all four of the Fox comedies (0.6/0.4/0.6/0.5). The only show with some positive movement was CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles (0.7), building on its lead-in from God Friended Me (0.6), while NCIS: New Orleans (0.5) lost a tenth at 10/9c.

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