Thursday, October 28, 2010

Demos Year-to-Year Index

"Demos Year-to-Year" are daily posts I create during sweeps periods to track how everything in primetime is doing compared to one year earlier. You see a lot of year-to-year stuff brought up by the big ratings analysts, but it's sorta inconsistently applied, so these daily posts put it all in one place. I just use sweeps periods because that's when there's the highest amount of original programming, and I really want to minimize the original-vs.-repeat or repeat-vs.-repeat comparisons. Most of the time, I also do recaps at the end of each Thursday-to-Wednesday week looking at the biggest year-to-year gainers and losers.

Year2Year - All "Demos Year-to-Year" posts.

Daily Y2Y - All the daily year-to-year posts.

Y2Y Summaries - All the weekly summary/recap posts I've done for year-to-year posts.

May Sweeps 2012
February Sweeps 2012
November Sweeps 2011
Premiere Week 2011
May Sweeps 2011
February Sweeps 2011 - Again, light on recap posts for the same Olympics-related reason. Hopefully February 2012 will finally produce some good ones!
November Sweeps 2010
Premiere Week 2010
May Sweeps 2010
February Sweeps 2010 - Didn't do recap posts for this period because the Winter Olympics and the digital TV transition in 2009 created a lot of "bad" comparisons. But all the daily posts are still there.
November Sweeps 2009
May Sweeps 2009

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