Friday, October 1, 2010

First Two Weeks, Undercovers


Sampling: The premiere of NBC's spy dramedy Undercovers pulled a very Chuck-like 2.1 demo, which was actually down from the net's two weak drama premieres of last year (Mercy's 2.3 and Trauma's 2.2). It did have to lead off the night, meaning it gets something of a pass compared to some other modest starts of this fall, but a 2.1 demo only goes so far. Considering this was a JJ Abrams show that seemed to have at least some buzz, this is a disappointing start, and it really doesn't have far to fall before it gets into immediate danger territory.

Retention: And far it fell, with its awful 1.6 demo in week 2 meaning a 24% drop and improbably having the show in real trouble right off the bat. That 1.6 leaves it a half point behind week two of Chase and four-tenths behind Chuck and Parenthood this week, to compare it with other weak to modest scripted shows on the net.

Prognosis: This is one of the few shows I was way off on, as I thought it would start out at a decent level and ultimately be a modest, mid-2's performer for the net.  At this point it looks like the show will be lucky to be a mid-1's performer. Perhaps NBC will give the show a chance in some other timeslot before giving up (maybe Thursday after the comedy block?) but it's hard to see it getting a season 2 with the numbers we have now and in the hour it's in now, or even any kind of extension.

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