Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Two Weeks, The Whole Truth


Sampling: ABC's The Whole Truth premiered to a 1.5 demo, which I called "dead-on-arrivalsville" last week, and I certainly am not taking that back. It lost more than half of its Cougar Town lead-in and would seem to have virtually no chance at survival.

Retention: Like Lone Star before it, it continues to surprise that these shows can premiere so badly and then drop even more, but it happened again, as The Whole Truth's 1.2 week two meant a 20% drop that has me trying to power this post out before the official cancellation announcement. To be fair, I guess, its week two did face the Law & Order: Los Angeles premiere. (Although that was actually no stronger than what SVU did in the hour last week.)

Prognosis: The prognosis for this show is that it will probably not air next week. A back nine or a season two are impossibilities.  The end.

As with Lone Star a couple evenings ago, I will probably wait on the other Wednesday shows till tomorrow, but I just wanted to get this one out there since it is extremely obvious what will be happening here.

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