Monday, September 27, 2010

First Two Weeks, Outlaw


Sampling: Legal drama Outlaw scored a 2.3 demo in its debut the Wednesday before the regular season began, airing out of the 3.9 demo season finale of America's Got Talent. A 2.3 demo is not a particularly good start to begin with, and it's made even worse by the fact that it had the large lead-in. But it's tough to count the show totally out because even with a relatively steep drop it could still end up in very viable Friday ratings territory.

Retention: But "relatively steep" isn't even the half of what happened to Outlaw. It's a little deceptive considering the change in situations (from Wednesday with not much competition after America's Got Talent to a Friday after Dateline), but under almost any circumstances, Outlaw's 52% drop is pretty ugly.

Prognosis: Outlaw's 1.1 demo on Friday probably ended any long-term hopes for the show, mostly because another hour of Dateline could pretty comfortably do better. (The two-hour Dateline which led into Outlaw pulled a 1.6, in fact.) The fact that it's a Friday night with lower ratings and lower expectations makes it a little less clear that the show will be yanked right off the bat compared to some other horrific premieres in the middle of the week, but a season 2 or even an extension is out of the question barring something miraculous.

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