Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Two Weeks, Raising Hope


Sampling: Fox's Raising Hope kicked off with a 3.1 demo, undoubtedly one of the better series premiere ratings for a live-action comedy on Fox in recent years. (Other recent examples: 'Til Death's 3.1 on 9/7/06, Happy Hour's 2.4 on 9/7/06, The Winner's 3.5 on 3/4/07, Back to You's 3.1 on 9/17/07, Unhitched's 2.6 on 3/2/08, Do Not Disturb's 1.9 on 9/10/08, Brothers' 1.0 on 9/25/09, and Sons of Tucson's 2.1 on 3/14/10). But it had a much larger lead-in than any of those above shows; considering Glee's monstrous 5.6 premiere in adults 18-49, it was a relatively modest start.

Retention: But the news got much better in week two, as Raising Hope became our first show of 2010-11 to maintain 100% of its premiere demo, posting another 3.1. It's worth noting that the Glee lead-in actually increased to a 5.9, but that's not enough of an increase to say that Hope was exclusively propped up by that. Keeping 100% is always in impressive feat.

Prognosis: Yes, the lead-in and the declines from it are massive. But the quick failure of their only drama newbie Lone Star, the fast decline of lead-out comedy newbie Running Wilde, and the network's horrific history with live-action comedy mean that Fox will almost certainly be very patient with this show based on its decent stats so far. I'm pretty sure it will be airing episodes in 2011, but I'm a little less confident about a season 2. At this point, I'll say it gets one.

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