Friday, September 24, 2010

Premiere Week Year-to-Year, Thursday

This is kind of a strange year-to-year evening because both NBC and Fox premiered a week early last year, and 30 Rock premiered a few weeks into fall 2009. So it's kinda hard to gauge the premieres of stuff like Bones and Fringe, down big from the premieres against little competish last year but down not so big vs. the non-premieres in the slot last year in the traditional premiere week. I'll let you decide!

SHOW date SLOT previous occupant
My Generation n/a
-60% Flashforward
Grey's Anatomy -19%
-36% Grey's Anatomy (2hr)
Private Practice -30% 10/1/2009

The Big Bang Theory +4% 9/21/2009 (Mon) +20% Survivor
$#*! My Dad Says n/a
CSI -17%
The Mentalist -6%

Community -42% 9/17/2009 (9:30) +29% SNL Weekend Update
30 Rock -13% 10/15/2009 (9:30) +44% Parks & Recreation
The Office +7% 9/17/2009 +13%
Outsourced n/a
+33% Community
The Apprentice n/a
-18% The Jay Leno Show

Bones -13% 9/17/2009 -4%
Fringe -30% 9/17/2009 -9%

HOW TO READ THIS: The SHOW column refers to the change from last season's premiere of a show to this season's premiere of the same show. If last season's premiere was outside of premiere week or on a different night, I give you the date. The SLOT column refers to the change within that timeslot from last year's premiere week to this year's, regardless of what's airing there. If something different aired there last year, I denote what it is.

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