Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Two Weeks, Mike & Molly


Sampling: The 3.9 demo for Mike & Molly has it tied for the second-best premiere of premiere week and just a tick behind the leader (another CBS comedy with a big lead-in). That would seem like a really good start, although the show did decline 20% from the 4.9 demo of its Two and a Half Men lead-in, which is not far from a fairly shaky retention level.

Retention: But Mike & Molly held up quite well in week two, as its 5% drop was the smallest by percentage of the five newbies on the second Monday of the season. Its retention out of Two and a Half Men (77%) remained very adequate if unspectacular.

Prognosis: With a solid start, a solid hold in week 2, and solid pedigree behind it (the maker of 2.5 Men and The Big Bang Theory), it's almost impossible to pick against Mike & Molly based on what we have so far. I'm saying it makes a season 2. But the question for the show will be where it's scheduled going forward. How long does it get that huge Two and a Half Men lead-in?

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