Saturday, September 11, 2010

22 Hours of Primetime, Saturday 9/8c

Today, my fall preview looks at Saturday 9/8c. As I said last week, the night is dead in terms of scripted originals (or at least good faith efforts at scripted originals), but two of the networks will have something original in the fall.

ABC will offer Saturday Night College Football on Saturdays in the fourth quarter as it has for quite awhile now.

America's Most Wanted has, like lead-in COPS, been on the air for more than two decades. It's original year-round and averaged a 1.65 demo during the most recent regular season.

CBS and NBC offer repeats in this hour.

Saturday Night College Football - 2.16 average (-1% from last year) - This is an entire game average, since I usually won't see hourly breakdowns.
America's Most Wanted - 1.55 average (-6%)

College football if there's a game I'm interested in. You?

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