Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Two Weeks, Hawaii Five-0


Sampling: The premiere of Hawaii Five-0 was not nearly as big as many people (myself included) expected, but at a 3.9 demo it was still TV's largest drama premiere in a year of pretty underwhelming drama premieres across the board. It held its entire Mike & Molly lead-in in the demo, and it was fairly comfortably the best premiere week performance in the 10:00 hour by any network with a scripted program. Good start.

Retention: It then dropped 8% to a 3.6 in week two. This is pretty good news for the show as it would seem to suggest that there weren't a ton of people in that initial 3.9 who were just showing up for nostalgia and weren't gonna stick around beyond the pilot, as has seemingly been the case in many remakes past. Either that, or they simply liked what they saw a lot more than in the other remakes.

Prognosis: As with lead-out Mike & Molly, with what we have so far, it's basically impossible to pick against this show making season 2. A lot of people have pointed to the fact the show has been down from year-ago airings of CSI: Miami, probably not what CBS was hoping for when they moved that show. Not an invalid comparison, but also note that the more important comparisons to CSI: Miami will probably come later in the season. Miami wasn't moved because of what it was doing in the fall; if it'd held its ~4.0 it wouldn't have gone anywhere. If Five-0 remains way down in the spring, when Miami sunk into the low 3's, then we can start talking. Till then, I say season 2 for this program.

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