Thursday, September 23, 2010

Premiere Week Year-to-Year, Wednesday

SHOW date SLOT previous occupant
The Middle +4% 9/30/2009 -21% Dancing with the Stars
Better with You n/a
Modern Family +21%
Cougar Town -23%
The Whole Truth n/a
-50% Eastwick

Survivor +11% 9/17/2009 +78% Old Christine/Gary Unmarried
Criminal Minds -9%
The Defenders n/a
-28% CSI: NY

Undercovers n/a
-9% Mercy
Law & Order: SVU (2hr) +28%
+42% L&O: SVU/The Jay Leno Show

Hell's Kitchen (8pm) -7% 7/21/2009 +4% So You Think You Can Dance
Hell's Kitchen (9pm) n/a
even Glee

HOW TO READ THIS: The SHOW column refers to the change from last season's premiere of a show to this season's premiere of the same show. If last season's premiere was outside of premiere week or on a different night, I give you the date. The SLOT column refers to the change within that timeslot from last year's premiere week to this year's, regardless of what's airing there. If something different aired there last year, I denote what it is.

Survivor compares the fall 2009 premiere on the denoted date to last week's season premiere, so neither data point involves last night's 4.0. As always, the "SLOT" column compares this week's result with what was here during premiere week last year.

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