Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Two Weeks, Lone Star


Sampling: This is one of those posts for which it's great to not have much of a readership, because I can go all stat-crazy like Tim Kurkjian about how bad Lone Star's ratings were without threat of angry emails. I'm not doing it to be an ass, as I liked the show myself. But it doesn't take a genius to know this program was totally DOA. What's amazing was just how DOA.  The 1.3 demo was lower than any Big 4 drama premiere last regular season, which is bad enough for a fall drama leading out of House, but consider the comparisons we're making here. It was 0.3 below Miami Medical, a borderline-burnoff on a Friday night late in the season by CBS, and 0.4 before Happy Town, which scored merely a 1.7 in another quasi-burnoff run late in the season on ABC. That is pretty freakin' terrible. Demo retention out of House?  Thirty. Two. Percent.

Retention: As with Happy Town last year, it's amazing that a show can start with ratings so anemic and then actually take a sizable drop from there, but Lone Star managed it, and its 23% drop left it at a 1.0 demo and axed before Tuesday even came to an end. House retention fell to 26%, which is even worse than the 28% retention for the premiere of last spring's Past Life. That airing had the worst post-Idol retention I'd ever seen, and the American Idol audience was much, much larger than that of House. (Meaning it's more reasonable to lose a big chunk of it, basically.)

Prognosis: I snooze, I lose, as the show's fate is sadly decided before I even got a chance to write this post. Call it a stretch, but I'm gonna say I would've gotten this one right. It was one of the biggest bombs in the history of network TV.

Probably will wait on the more interesting posts about the other newbies till tomorrow, but wanted to get this one out of the way this evening...

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Alex Ong said...

The show had a HUGE lead in and a good night and it tanked worse than Dollhouse. Dollhouse on a Friday came out the gate with a 4.9 total and 2.5 in the demo!

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