Monday, September 20, 2010

I Know What You Rated Last Summer, Broadcast

These are Live + SD averages for broadcast series that aired this summer. I left out a few of the shows that are year-round (Dateline, 20/20, Fox Saturday shows) but this should cover most of it. I was going to write more, but I couldn't come up with anything except that, despite all the efforts, broadcast scripted in the summer still has a long way to go to gain a real foothold. Lots of bold in the second half of the list.

America's Got Talent Tu NBC 3.18
America's Got Talent We NBC 3.04
The Bachelorette Mo ABC 2.98
Hell's Kitchen Tu Fox 2.97
Wipeout Tu/Th ABC 2.77
Big Brother We CBS 2.58
Big Brother Sa CBS 2.46
Big Brother Tu CBS 2.42
So You Think You Can Dance We Fox 2.37
So You Think You Can Dance Th Fox 2.32
Masterchef We Fox 2.27
Bachelor Pad Mo ABC 1.98
Minute to Win It We NBC 1.85
True Beauty Mo ABC 1.80
Lie to Me Mo Fox 1.79
Last Comic Standing Mo NBC 1.74
Shaq Vs. Tu ABC 1.72
Rookie Blue Th ABC 1.56
Losing it with Jillian Tu NBC 1.54
Dating in the Dark Mo ABC 1.43
Downfall Tu ABC 1.38
Boston Med Th ABC 1.20
The Good Guys Mo Fox 1.20
Flashpoint Fr CBS 1.16
Friday Night Lights Fr NBC 1.06
The Gates* Su ABC 0.92
Scoundrels Su ABC 0.82
Breakthrough w/Tony Robbins Tu NBC 0.80
100 Questions Th NBC 0.72
Persons Unknown Mo/Sa NBC 0.68
The Bridge Sa CBS 0.43
Plain Jane We CW 0.41
18 to Life Tu CW 0.32

Scripted shows in bold
*- Two of 13 hours in The Gates' average are based on prelims which just came out, not finals

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