Sunday, September 19, 2010

22 Hours of Primetime Index

Thanks for reading 22 Hours of Primetime. Hope it was an informative way to get you geared up for fall 2010, or at least a trip down recent memory lane. And what do you know, here we are on the eve of the fall season! Here's a quick rundown of the 22 hours:

Sunday - 7/6c | 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c
Monday - 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c
Tuesday - 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c
Wednesday - 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c
Thursday - 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c
Friday - 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c
Saturday - 8/7c | 9/8c | 10/9c

List of 2009 posts

With the submission of this post, it means for the first time in almost three months I have ZERO finished posts scheduled to go up in the future. But tomorrow I hope to finish up a little something on summer TV ratings, and I'll probably have some stuff to say next week about all the interesting premiere week happenings.

Till then, enjoy fall 2010 TV!

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