Friday, September 3, 2010

CW demo: New Jersey Six-0

I've said a couple things about how ridiculously huge Jersey Shore is from a ratings standpoint, especially in the W18-34 "CW Demo," but it all bears repeating because it just keeps getting bigger.  Last night, it was 6.536 million P2+, a 3.3/10 A18-49, and a 6.0/18 W18-34.

So how big is a 6.0 in that demo?

Well, it's 25% ahead of the Jersey Shore season premiere five weeks ago, which is pretty impressive growth in a vacuum, but even moreso considering said premiere was big enough to blog about at the time. So everything said on that post goes even moreso now. It's now more than twice as big as ABC Family's biggest original series telecast of the summer and more than 75% bigger than the largest telecast on The CW in 2009-10! I always like using episodes of Glee, a legit broadcast hit in this demo, for comparison. If it were an episode of Glee, it'd be tied for the highest-rated one of the fall in W18-34. And it's just a single tick from moving into Glee-with-American-Idol-lead-in territory; the post-Idol low was a 6.1 on 5/11/10.

Now, from a meaningless milestones standpoint, I'm waiting to see if it can make its way up to a 6.8 in the demo, which would put it at double the highest-rated CW telecast in all of last season. It ain't that far away.

As usual, I'll leave the "what it means about our society" determinations to you.

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