Saturday, September 25, 2010

Premiere Ratings: Blue Bloods, Outlaw

Two last premiere week series bows to discuss! May do something like this for the No Ordinary Family and Law & Order: LA premiere next week, but I've mostly done these to cut down on all the work that the "First Two Weeks" posts will require next week, and I won't have nearly as many of those to write in week three. So we'll see.

  • The 2.2 premiere for CBS' Blue Bloods is not exactly the world-beater that a lot of people seem to think it is, and a 2.2 demo is not exactly the kind of thing that will totally resurrect the night, but preliminarily it's up more than 20% from Numb3rs' average in the hour last year, tying that show's 2009-10 season high, and it built a couple ticks on its somewhat lukewarm 2.0 CSI: NY lead-in. That's a pretty solid start, and it could be one of the biggest Friday series premieres we ever see going forward. It also got mountains of total viewers if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Outlaw's Friday debut wasn't a series premiere (it managed a 2.3 after the Got Talent finale 9 days earlier) but it was a timeslot premiere, and a rather ugly one at that. Its 1.1 demo is less than half of what it got last week, and that puts it in "much weaker than a 10pm Dateline would do" territory already. It's probably not in danger of an immediate yanking like a few other dramas, mostly because it's on Friday where the expectations are much lower, but look for NBC to shift its two-hour Datelines up to 9-11pm and bring in either Who Do You Think You Are? or School Pride by November sweeps.

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