Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Premiere Week Year-to-Year, Monday

We're approaching the 18-month anniversary of this blargspot, and in the earliest days I used it exclusively for my Demos Year-to-Year posts during sweeps periods. I've decided to add premiere week to that collection for 2010-11, since it's the most interesting time of the ratings year. I may do it next week as well, but I have a feeling the 15+ "First Two Weeks" posts will be more than enough crap for that week. You can click on the "daily ratings" label to see lots of other individual year-to-year comparisons dating back to May sweeps in 2009. I'm sprucing it up a bit this time around, though it's all the same info, and I have a brief explanation of how to read it at the bottom.

SHOW date SLOT previous occupant
Dancing with the Stars +24%
Castle +17%

How I Met Your Mother even
Rules of Engagement -9% 3/1/10 -6% Accidentally on Purpose
Two and a Half Men +9%

Mike & Molly n/a
-17% The Big Bang Theory
Hawaii Five-0 n/a
-9% CSI: Miami

Chuck -31% 1/10/10 even Heroes (2hr)
The Event n/a
Chase n/a
+28% The Jay Leno Show

House -37%
-60% House (2hr)
Lone Star n/a

HOW TO READ THIS: The SHOW column refers to the change from last season's premiere of a show to this season's premiere of the same show. If last season's premiere was outside of premiere week or on a different night, I give you the date. The SLOT column refers to the change within that timeslot from last year's premiere week to this year's, regardless of what's airing there. If something different aired there last year, I denote what it is.

Trying to keep this premiere vs. premiere, so I'm leaving out the CW altogether since they aren't premiering this week, and for the handful of other shows airing but not premiering this week I'll note how I'm handling them when we get there.


Alex Ong said...

Lone Star was about a 4.0 in viewers and 1.3 in demo in Fast Nationals. It bombed. Dollhouse, on a Friday, premiered with a 4.9 in viewers and 2.5 in the demo! On a Friday and even after Fox tinkered with Joss' pilot!


Spot said...

Yes, this post was not the best way of illustrating how weak Lone Star was (though I wrote about it earlier today) but I agree with you. Considering all the circumstances, probably one of the worst series premiere ratings ever.

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