Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Two Weeks, Running Wilde


Sampling: Running Wilde kicked off with a 2.4 demo, dropping more than 20% from the 3.1 debut of Raising Hope after Glee.  I pointed out in my previous post about its premiere ratings that while this is a big drop in a half hour, I still thought the numbers might just about flip if you flipped the two comedies' timeslots (that is, if Running Wilde had Glee's huge 5.6 premiere demo funneling in directly). So a 2.4 is not a very good start on the surface, but I wasn't willing to totally count it out...

Retention: ...but now I am. Despite Raising Hope maintaining its premiere numbers fully, Running Wilde dropped an ugly 21% to a 1.9 demo. That means a loss of nearly forty percent from the 9:00 comedy. It's tough to see the show coming back from that.

Prognosis: Arrested Development, the show that so many of the people behind Running Wilde are known for, eked out three seasons (closer to 2.5 full seasons) despite never really doing much of anything in the ratings. Running Wilde is unlikely to be as lucky, as it doesn't even seem to have the acclaim behind it that the great AD always did. With the Fox sked tightening up due to the arrival of Idol in the winter, I don't think the net is going to want to make room to bring this into 2011 as they will with Raising Hope. I'm saying no season 2.

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