Monday, September 27, 2010

Premiere Week Year-to-Year, Friday

Medium plummets leading off the night, two hours of Dateline are better than one, and CSI: NY feels the hurt of a move to Friday, but Supernatural (not included below, but down just one tick in A18-49) amazingly didn't. It was down 24% in "the CW demo" from last year's premiere, but still ahead of what Nikita got in its old timeslot the night before.

SHOW date SLOT previous occupant
Modern Family (R) -14% 9/25/2010 (9pm) -25% Flashforward (R)
Better with You (R) n/a
The Whole Truth (R) n/a
-52% Modern Fam/Cougar Town (R)
20/20 -30%

Medium -33% 9/25/2010 (9pm) -39% Ghost Whisperer
CSI: NY -50% 9/23/2010 -5% Medium
Blue Bloods n/a
+22% Numb3rs

Dateline (2hr) +7%
+19% Law & Order / Dateline
Outlaw n/a
-31% The Jay Leno Show

Human Target (R) n/a
-45% Brothers
The Good Guys n/a
-10% Dollhouse

HOW TO READ THIS: The SHOW column refers to the change from last season's premiere of a show to this season's premiere of the same show. If last season's premiere was outside of premiere week or on a different night, I give you the date. The SLOT column refers to the change within that timeslot from last year's premiere week to this year's, regardless of what's airing there. If something different aired there last year, I denote what it is.

With newsmagazines 20/20 and Dateline, I'm not 100% sure how they count on a "season" basis, so I'm just doing those airings from Friday vs. the airings one year ago, and they may not be the official "premieres."

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