Friday, October 31, 2014

First Two Weeks, The 2014-15 Lineups

Here are my yearly lineups of each new scripted show's premiere rating and its week two drop, plus a link to each First Two Weeks post. This is not to be confused with the new "First Two Weeks" game standings, which probably won't come out till around upfronts time when all renew/cancel decisions are official.

Previous seasons: 2007-08 | 2008-09 | 2009-10 | 2010-11 | 2011-12 | 2012-13 | 2013-14

The Flash (5.7)
Empire 3.8
How to Get Away with Murder 3.8
Gotham 3.3
Black-ish 3.3
Scorpion 3.3
NCIS: New Orleans 2.5
Marry Me 2.3

State of Affairs 2.2
Galavant 2.0
Stalker 2.0
Madam Secretary 2.0
Constantine (1.8)
Jane the Virgin (1.7)
Forever 1.7
The McCarthys 1.7

The Mysteries of Laura 1.5
Cristela (1.5)
Selfie 1.4
Bad Judge 1.3
Manhattan Love Story 1.3
Red Band Society 1.3
A to Z 1.2
Gracepoint 1.2
Mulaney 1.0

CW premieres multiplied by 3. Friday premieres multiplied by 1.25.

Mulaney +10%
Empire +5%
The Mysteries of Laura +0%
Bad Judge +0%
Scorpion -3%
Cristela -8%
NCIS: New Orleans -8%
The Flash -11%

The McCarthys -12%
Stalker -15%
Gotham -15%
Red Band Society -15%  
Jane the Virgin -16%
How to Get Away with Murder -16%
A to Z -17%
Forever -18%

Gracepoint -18%
Selfie -21%
Marry Me -22% 
Black-ish -24%
Madam Secretary -30%
Manhattan Love Story -31%
Galavant -35%
State of Affairs -36%
Constantine -36%


Spot said...

Spot, may I ask what has happened with the weekly True Top 25?

Spot said...

Spot, but where are your First Two Weeks write ups and predictions?
I was under impression you'd put your picks into envelop (to not affect people's choice in the game), but reveal it after particular show's game expires.
Am I wrong about it? Or you simply currently have no time for it, and you'll catch up with it later?

Spot said...

I understand the methodology behind multiplying the CW by 3, but it looks ridiculous when used on The Flash. I would have loved for it to have seen a 5.7 on a big 4, but 20%+ more than Shield seems a bit much

Spot said...

I surmised that he wasn't predicting at all, in part because it has become a guessing game when shows like The 100, Undateable, About a Boy, and Welcome to Sweden get renewed.

Spot said...

Mulaney's the only one that went up...priceless.

Spot said...

Waiting to decide on that till I finish the True formula, which I hope will be by the end of next week.

Spot said...

No, I'm not doing the picks this year.

Spot said...

Cool, thanks for the info!

Spot said...

The 100 and About a Boy were obvious renewals at the upfronts and would have been shocks if cancelled. Everyone was predicting likely renewal for them. The other two are summer shows and I agree that they were very hard to predict, but Spot usually doesn't do this for summer shows.

The only shocking decision about freshmans in recent years, in my opinion, have been How to Live with Your Parent's cancellation and, to a smaller degree, The Carrie Diaries' renewal. Nothing else was that unpredictable.

Spot said...

we're not guessing in may we're guessing after two episodes thanks

Spot said...

...well, not anymore.

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