Friday, October 12, 2012

First/Last Two Weeks, Made in Jersey

The lowest-rated big four premiere of the fall to date was CBS' Friday night drama Made in Jersey, which scored just a 1.1 demo in the 9/8c timeslot. That made the show noticeably weaker than its CBS teammates on the night, CSI: NY (1.3 at 8:00) and Blue Bloods (1.5 at 10:00), and the show was only able to tie Fringe and a repeat of Last Resort for 2nd place. Pretty bad start.

The poor got even poorer in week two. Made in Jersey dropped by a shocking 27% to a 0.8, making it a distant fourth place in the timeslot, and the gap widened between it and the other CBS dramas CSI: NY (1.2) and Blue Bloods (1.2). It looked like the show was dragging down the whole CBS lineup, so the heat was really on...

...and it got pulled this week. CSI: NY will return starting tonight to the 9/8c slot that it occupied for the last two seasons, and CBS will go with drama repeats at 8/7c in the short term before launching Undercover Boss on November 2. When CBS yanked The Ex-List from Friday fairly quickly in fall 2008, the NCIS reruns seemed to really reinvigorate the lineup, and they'll have to hope for such a miracle again. I didn't think I'd see the day when CBS would not have a single one of the top four programs on a regular Friday, because this night was unequivocally theirs not so long ago. It happened last week.

You'll have to trust I was going to say Cancel for Made in Jersey.

"First Two Weeks" is my look at... the first two weeks of a new scripted broadcast show's ratings. I also line up all of the premiere and week two drop numbers together.

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Spot said...

not that big of an ask considering everyone in their sane mind would have predicted cancel

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