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The Ultimate SpotVault, Pretty Little Liars

The Ultimate SpotVault is a fully sortable record of every single episode in the history of a veteran series. This allows you to compare both raw numbers (total viewership and adults 18-49 rating) as well as the historical-adjusted stat A18-49+ for episodes across different seasons.

Just click any category name at the top to sort, and hold SHIFT and click another to sort by the second category within the first. (For example, click '#' and SHIFT-click 'A18-49+' to arrange all season premieres by A18-49+.)

See the bottom of this page for a few additional pointers and explanations.

2126/15/20102.480.9032The Jenna Thing
3136/22/20102.741.0036To Kill a Mocking Girl
4146/29/20102.090.7025Can You Hear Me Now?
5157/6/20102.621.0036Reality Bites Me
6167/13/20102.690.9032There's No Place Like Homecoming
7177/20/20102.550.9032The Homecoming Hangover
8187/27/20102.520.9032Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone
9198/3/20102.550.9032The Perfect Storm
101108/10/20103.071.1039Keep Your Friends Close
111111/3/20114.221.5059Moments Later
121121/10/20113.211.1043Salt Meets Wound
131131/17/20112.991.2047Know Your Frenemies
141141/24/20113.171.2047Careful What U Wish 4
151151/31/20113.191.2047If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again
161162/7/20113.141.1043Je Suis Un Ami
171172/14/20112.350.9035The New Normal
181182/21/20112.901.0039The Badass Seed
191192/28/20112.691.0039A Person of Interest
201203/7/20112.951.1043Someone to Watch Over Me
211213/14/20112.941.1043Monsters in the End
3/21/20113.631.3051For Whom the Bell Tolls
23216/14/20113.681.3051It's Alive
24226/21/20112.651.0039The Goodbye Lock
25236/28/20112.781.0441My Name Is Trouble
26247/5/20112.420.9035Blind Dates
27257/12/20112.420.9035The Devil You Know
28267/19/20112.530.9035Never Letting Go
29277/26/20112.360.9035Surface Tension
30288/2/20112.410.8031Save the Date
31298/9/20112.540.9035Picture This
322108/16/20112.290.8031Touched by an 'A'-ngel
332118/23/20112.631.0039I Must Confess
342128/30/20112.981.2047Over My Dead Body
3521310/19/20112.471.0039The First Secret
362141/2/20123.341.3055Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares
372151/9/20122.951.3055A Hot Piece of 'A'
382161/16/20122.781.1047Let the Water Hold Me Down
392171/23/20123.161.3557The Blond Leading the Blind
402181/30/20122.550.9540A Kiss Before Lying
412192/6/20122.250.9540The Naked Truth
432212/20/20122.540.9842Breaking the Code
442222/27/20122.490.9741Father Knows Best
452233/5/20122.580.9942Eye of the Beholder
462243/12/20122.471.0243If These Dolls Could Talk
48316/5/20122.931.1047It Happened That Night
49326/12/20122.661.0745Blood Is the New Black
50336/19/20122.440.9641Kingdom of the Blind
51346/26/20122.351.0043Birds of a Feather
52357/10/20122.380.8737That Girl Is Poison
53367/17/20122.270.9641The Remains of the 'A'
55387/31/20122.220.8637Stolen Kisses
56398/7/20122.440.9741The Kahn Game
573108/14/20122.270.9540What Lies Beneath
583118/21/20122.401.0645Single Fright Female
593128/28/20122.981.2754The Lady Killer
6031310/23/20122.851.2051This Is a Dark Ride
613141/8/20133.211.4468She's Better Now
633161/22/20132.681.2258Misery Loves Company
643171/29/20132.851.2258Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno
653182/5/20132.751.1655Dead to Me
663192/12/20132.411.0952What Becomes of a Broken Heart
673202/19/20132.611.1354Hot Water
683212/26/20132.711.1655Out of Sight, Out of Mind
693223/5/20132.561.1856Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
703233/12/20132.411.0249I'm Your Puppet
3/19/20132.871.1756A dAngerous gAme
72416/11/20132.971.2861'A' Is for A-l-i-v-e
73426/18/20132.921.3062Turn of the Shoe
74436/25/20132.250.9344Cat's Cradle
75447/2/20132.160.8641Face Time
76457/9/20132.301.0349Omega Sigma Die
77467/16/20132.350.9846Under the Gun
78477/23/20132.861.2760Crash and Burn, Girl!
79487/30/20132.311.1354The Guilty Girl's Handbook
80498/6/20132.641.0952Into the Deep
814108/13/20132.381.0349The Mirror Has Three Faces
824118/20/20132.260.8741Bring Down the Hoe
834128/27/20133.331.4066Now You See Me, Now You Don't
8441310/22/20133.181.4468Grave New World
854141/7/20143.171.2164Who's in the Box?
864151/14/20142.391.0656Love ShAck, Baby
874161/21/20142.631.2064Close Encounters
884171/28/20142.491.0355Bite Your Tongue
894182/4/20142.160.9450Hot for Teacher
904192/11/20142.160.8847Shadow Play
914202/18/20142.561.0254Free Fall
924212/25/20142.170.9651She's Come Undone
934223/4/20142.060.8143Cover for Me
3/18/20143.121.2868'A' Is for Answers
96516/10/20142.721.1159EscApe from New York
97526/17/20142.160.9148Whirly Girly
98536/24/20142.281.0254Surfing the Aftershocks
99547/1/20142.130.9450Thrown from the Ride
100557/8/20142.250.9852Miss Me x 100
101567/15/20142.131.0154Run, Ali, Run
102577/22/20142.061.0053The Silence of E. Lamb
103587/29/20141.800.7540Scream for Me
104598/5/20142.050.9550March of Crimes
1055108/12/20142.050.9048A Dark Ali
1065118/19/20141.800.7640No One Here Can Love or Understand Me
1075128/26/20142.291.0355Taking This One to the Grave
10851312/9/20142.080.9048How the 'A' Stole Christmas
1095141/6/20152.010.9556Through a Glass, Darkly
1105151/13/20152.020.9355Fresh Meat
1115161/20/20151.720.7444Over a Barrel
1125171/27/20152.000.9255The Bin of Sin
1135182/3/20151.800.8450Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me
1145192/10/20151.770.8450Out, Damned Spot
1155202/17/20152.040.8953Pretty Isn't the Point
1165212/24/20151.580.7444Bloody Hell
1175223/3/20151.490.6740To Plea or Not to Plea
1185233/10/20151.740.8651The Melody Lingers On
1195243/17/20151.700.8651I'm a Good Girl, I Am
3/24/20152.641.2776Welcome to the Dollhouse
121616/2/20152.381.0663Game on, Charles
122626/9/20152.130.9959Songs of Innocence
123636/16/20151.740.7243Songs of Experience
124646/23/20151.840.7545Don't Look Now
125656/30/20151.790.8048She's No Angel
126667/14/20151.700.8450No Stone Unturned
127677/21/20151.770.7947Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
129698/4/20152.030.8450Last Dance
1306108/11/20153.091.3983Game Over, Charles
1316111/12/20162.251.0673Of Late I Think of Rosewood
1326121/19/20161.660.8357Charlotte's Web
1336131/26/20161.650.7954The Gloves Are On
1346142/2/20161.390.6343New Guys, New Lies
1356152/9/20161.220.5941Do Not Disturb
1366162/16/20161.360.6947Where Somebody Waits for Me
1376172/23/20161.270.5941We've All Got Baggage
1386183/1/20161.140.5538Burn This
1396193/8/20161.260.6645Did You Miss Me?
3/15/20161.190.5941Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars
141716/21/20161.430.6746Tick-Tock, Bitches
143737/5/20161.120.5336The Talented Mr. Rollins
144747/12/20161.260.6041Hit and Run, Run, Run
145757/19/20161.170.5739Along Comes Mary
146768/2/20161.100.5437Wanted: Dead or Alive
147778/9/20161.160.6041Original G'A'ngsters
148788/16/20161.110.5538Exes and OMGs
149798/23/20161.090.5437The Wrath of Khan
1507108/30/20161.330.6847The DArkest Knight
1527124/25/20170.920.4537These Boots Were Made for Stalking
1537135/2/20170.860.4033Hold Your Piece
1547145/9/20170.910.4537Power Play
1557155/23/20170.850.4134In the Eye Abides the Heart
1567165/30/20170.900.4335The Glove That Rocks the Cradle
1577176/6/20170.970.5041Driving Miss Crazy
1587186/13/20170.960.4638Choose or Lose
1597196/20/20170.830.4335Farewell My Lovely
6/27/20171.410.7259Till Death Do Us Part

'Tot#' refers to the episode number in the entire history of the series. For now, double-length episodes with only one rating count just once in this number, but we may be able to change that in the future. '#' is the episode number within just its season. Season finales are always given a # of 99, which allows all finales to be more easily sorted together. Whenever there's a 99, though, you can hover over that number 99 to see what the actual season episode number is.

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