Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spotted Ratings, Monday 2/13/12: Smashed

  • NBC came down from its Super Monday numbers, with The Voice down a pretty nice 10% (still a bit stronger than the season one high) but Smash down a far scarier 26%. And considering the bizarre ending to Smash (some sort of retrospective montage late in the episode, a sense of finality at the end, then no preview for next week), I have a feeling we haven't found the floor yet.
  • But NBC wasn't the only network that got smashed on a rather ridiculously down Monday that has many crying Nielsen foul. Nothing was up week-to-week and almost everything hit a season low. The biggest culprits were CBS' first three comedies, as How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men all took 10%ish hits, plus yet another sizable Alcatraz drop. And we can throw away those late-2004 history books on House (2.4), which (over seven years later) finally did worse numbers than any of its early season one episodes.


Info Show Timeslot TRUE
Viewers A18-49 SkewLast LeLa Avg Rank Tavg Lead
The Bachelor8.092.540%-4%n/a+1%4/7-6%n/a2.36
How I Met Your Mother9.013.448%-15%n/a-22%16/16-21%n/a3.46
2 Broke Girls10.483.846%-12%-15%-18%16/16-16%+12%3.75
Two and a Half Men12.453.940%-9%-12%-31%16/16-31%+3%3.39
Mike and Molly10.913.440%+0%-9%-16%14/15-20%-13%2.96
Hawaii Five-09.702.736%+0%+0%-10%14/16-10%-21%2.43
The Voice16.286.047%-10%n/a-10%2/2+200%n/a5.98
Gossip Girl1.130.557%-17%n/a-21%15/15-21%n/a0.44
Hart of Dixie1.640.647%+0%-17%-13%8/14-14%+20%0.54

KEY (with much more detail at the New Daily Spotted Ratings page):

Viewers - The total number of viewers (age 2+, in millions) that watched the program.
A18-49 - Adults 18-49 rating. Percentage of US TV-owning adults 18-49 watching the program.
Skew - Percentage of the total audience that falls in the 18-49 demo.
Last - A18-49 percent difference from previous episode.
Lead - A18-49 percent difference from lead-in program.
LeLa - A18-49 percent difference between the show's lead-in and its lead-in for the previous episode.
Avg - A18-49 percent difference from the show's average demo for previous original episodes this season.
Rank - The A18-49 rating's rank among the show's episodes that have aired so far this season.
Tavg - A18-49 percent difference from its timeslot's previous original entertainment average this season.
TRUE - True Strength, a metric that adjusts the A18-49 rating for overall viewing levels, competition and lead-in. (Note: these are PRELIMINARY TRUE calculations. Finals come next week.)

(R) - Repeat.

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Spot said...

Does HUT include DVR viewing? I'm sure a lot of people were watching Sunday's shows.

Spot said...

It is included. Not sure I buy "Valentine's Eve" is a thing though.

Spot said...

I wouldn't guess it is a thing either. My theory is that a significant number of people were watching what they DVRed on Sunday while they were watching the Grammys.

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