Monday, October 3, 2011

Historical SpotVault, plus What is the SpotVault Top 10?

Today I will begin the slow (probably slower than you would like!) rollout of some previous seasons of ratings in the SpotVault. Some of you may know that most of this info was previously posted at PIFeedback. That site is sadly gone now. Fortunately, I was tipped off to its demise early enough that I was able to back up almost everything, and today begins the long process of republishing it. There's going to be some point at which I make it a priority to add a ton of this info in a short period, but now is not that point. It'll probably be during the December doldrums at the earliest. What I'm going to do now is a gradual process. Here's generally how it will work:

SpotVault Top 10: You may have noticed in the last few weeks that I added a little second sidebar on the right, headlined by the "SpotVault Top 10." This is a list of which ten SpotVault pages did best last week in terms of pageviews. The top returning show on the SpotVault Top 10 each week will move to the front of the queue to get its previous seasons added to the Vault. Everything's gonna end up getting added eventually, but I thought this would be a fun way to go about it for awhile, and it will slowly but surely lighten the load for whenever I start making a concerted effort to add everything. Today, we kick off with the pre-premiere and premiere week winners of the SV Top 10: Parenthood and Two and a Half Men.

Special requests: In addition to the most-trafficked eligible SpotVault show of each week, I'm also willing to take a special request or two from folks who have made what I consider meaningful contributions to this blog in some form, whether that's comments or retweets or corrections or help with the design/graphics or help with ratings info past or present. I can't guarantee that I will serve it up quickly; they'll just go at the end of the current queue, and all I can promise is that I'm gonna try to do one to three shows each week. If you have a favorite show, lemme know! (An alternative method is to try to "win" the week in the SpotVault Top 10, which you can probably do by clicking refresh on your favorite show's page for like a minute... guess I shouldn't embarrass myself by admitting that...)

SpotVault previous seasons: As in the War of 18-49, some early seasons will have some missing results and preliminary results. The preliminary 18-49 ratings will be non-bold (and also will not have a share). When putting together this archive, my top priority was 18-49 ratings, so I don't have as much info on viewers as I probably could, and there might be some places where I put in a preliminary instead of a final. Pretty much all info starting with 2007-08 will be complete for broadcast shows, and most are complete dating back even farther. I'll put most of this info on each of the incomplete previous season pages, and I also want to strongly encourage you to let me know if you have any of the missing/preliminary info or if you spot something that's wrong.

Since I made the True Strength number based on the 2010-11 season, pages from that year will mostly have the complete complement of info available on a current SpotVault page (the "Factors" and "Metrics" sections). Before that, it will just be "Info" and "Ratings."

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