Thursday, October 10, 2013

CBS Weekly True Power Rankings for 2013-14

These are CBS's Weekly True Power Rankings for 2013-14, lining up all the network's shows based on their recent (last one-third of episodes aired) averages in the timeslot-adjusted metric True. There will be a few editions of these over the course of the season filled with show-by-show analysis, but this post has just the numbers, and it'll get updated every Wednesday/Thursday when the SpotVault updates happen.

This year, I'm adding a couple other numbers that might be of some help: the year-to-year trend and the show's 18-49 skew. The skew does a decent job of projecting how friendly this show's audience will be per 18-49 point to advertisers (higher is better). The y2y/skew numbers are currently for the full season-to-date, not just the numbers counted in the A18-49/True averages, though I may change that later.

These rankings cover numbers through Sunday, May 25.

CBS ComediesTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1The Big Bang Theory5.68/\ 0.094.6936%-4%8
2How I Met Your Mother3.32/\ 0.143.3748%-1%7
3Two and a Half Men2.46/\ 0.002.3932%-40%8
42 Broke Girls2.39/\ 0.032.2940%-25%8
5The Millers2.23/\ 0.022.4031%8
6Mike and Molly2.14/\ 0.031.9533%-25%8
7Mom1.93\/ 0.022.0635%8
8Friends with Better Lives1.89/\ 0.081.6041%3
9We Are Men1.69\/ 0.291.8040%1
10The Crazy Ones1.63\/ 0.031.6632%8
11Bad Teacher1.43\/ 0.051.2531%2

CBS DramasTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1NCIS2.89/\ 0.072.4419%-16%8
2Criminal Minds2.54/\ 0.062.4029%-13%8
3NCIS: Los Angeles2.24/\ 0.072.2921%-13%8
4CSI2.01/\ 0.011.8524%-17%8
5Person of Interest1.88/\ 0.041.8321%-32%8
6Elementary1.88\/ 0.041.5925%-24%8
7Blue Bloods1.87\/ 0.011.4315%-1%8
8Hawaii Five-01.83/\ 0.011.3419%-35%8
9The Mentalist1.57\/ 0.011.3420%-16%7
10The Good Wife1.46/\ 0.001.3719%-14%7
11Intelligence1.26/\ 0.011.1825%5
12Unforgettable1.24\/ 0.120.9016%2
13Hostages1.23\/ 0.021.1029%5

CBS UnscriptedTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1Survivor Spring2.69\/ 0.172.3032%-9%5
2Survivor Fall2.34\/ 0.082.3432%-13%5
3The Amazing Race Spring2.14/\ 0.091.7528%-25%4
4The Amazing Race Fall1.80\/ 0.041.9828%-22%4
5Undercover Boss1.80/\ 0.061.4824%-9%5
660 Minutes1.54/\ 0.011.5221%-10%10
748 Hours1.19/\ 0.020.8122%-17%10

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