Thursday, October 10, 2013

ABC Weekly True Power Rankings for 2013-14

These are ABC's Weekly True Power Rankings for 2013-14, lining up all the network's shows based on their recent (last one-third of episodes aired) averages in the timeslot-adjusted metric True. There will be a few editions of these over the course of the season filled with show-by-show analysis, but this post has just the numbers, and it'll get updated every Wednesday/Thursday when the SpotVault updates happen.

This year, I'm adding a couple other numbers that might be of some help: the year-to-year trend and the show's 18-49 skew. The skew does a decent job of projecting how friendly this show's audience will be per 18-49 point to advertisers (higher is better). The y2y/skew numbers are currently for the full season-to-date, not just the numbers counted in the A18-49/True averages, though I may change that later.

These rankings cover numbers through Sunday, May 25.

ABC ComediesTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1Modern Family3.68/\ 0.023.2645%-18%8
2The Middle2.22/\ 0.021.8833%-9%8
3Last Man Standing1.81/\ 0.031.3327%-11%8
4Suburgatory1.72/\ 0.031.5637%-33%5
5The Goldbergs1.58/\ 0.031.5142%8
6Back in the Game1.34\/ 0.031.5835%4
7Super Fun Night1.28\/ 0.011.3744%6
8The Neighbors1.27/\ 0.000.9530%-49%8
9Mixology1.09\/ 0.031.3543%4
10Trophy Wife0.97\/ 0.000.8939%8

ABC DramasTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1Scandal3.22\/ 0.072.9243%+27%6
2Grey's Anatomy3.03/\ 0.032.5640%-14%8
3Agents of SHIELD2.40/\ 0.032.0044%8
4Once Upon a Time2.29/\ 0.052.1139%-20%7
5Resurrection2.07/\ 0.072.0334%3
6Castle1.84/\ 0.031.8025%-5%8
7Nashville1.65/\ 0.001.3435%-21%8
8Revenge1.43/\ 0.011.4033%-28%8
9Black Box1.14\/ 0.131.1530%2
10Once Upon a Time in Wonderland1.09/\ 0.020.8833%5
11Killer Women0.97/\ 0.010.6527%2
12Mind Games0.92\/ 0.050.7038%2
13Betrayal0.85/\ 0.000.7433%5
14The Assets0.80\/ 0.130.6025%1
15Lucky 70.72\/ 0.430.7036%1

ABC UnscriptedTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1The Bachelor2.69/\ 0.302.7838%-3%4
2Dancing with the Stars Spring2.66/\ 0.042.3020%+2%4
3Shark Tank2.60\/ 0.011.9034%+5%10
420/202.03\/ 0.011.6330%+2%12
5Dancing with the Stars Fall2.00/\ 0.011.9520%-7%4
6America's Funniest Home Videos1.66/\ 0.051.4828%-6%8
7The Great Christmas Light Fight1.35/\ 0.161.3032%1
8The Taste1.05\/ 0.060.9337%-31%3

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