Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Question, Monday 9/30/13: Will a New Group of Men Save CBS Monday?

If you thought CBS' Premiere Monday ratings were disappointing, good news: HELP IS ON THE WAY from new show We Are Men, which premieres tonight in the 8:30 slot occupied last week by How I Met Your Mother. ...or not. We Are Men is a single-cam on laugh track-happy CBS and among the season's most panned new shows. It's got the direct HIMYM lead-in but so did last year's DOA Partners (2.4). With a bigger-name cast, I don't see this doing much worse than last year's already very weak premiere. But it'll be tough to do any better either. So I'm going a touch below Partners.

Over/Under: 2.25.


Spot said...

Over, even though I'm watching The Jeffersons right now at 8:30.

Spot said...

Under. I feel like if Mom drops two tenths, it will still beat We Are Men.

Spot said...

I feel a little reluctant to judge based on the promos, after the whole Crazy Ones thing - but honestly, I don't think this is CBS audience either, and this time the flashy cast isn't saving it.


Spot said...

Ah, sarcasm font. Even you can't deter me from my trademark optimism.


Spot said...


Spot said...

Exactly, Mom needs another chance with a better lead-in!

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