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SpotVault - 2006-07 Index

This is a sortable list of series and ratings averages for the 2006-07 season, including every series that has a page in the SpotVault or War of 18-49. For the first time, it is also a filterable list, meaning you can boil the table down to just one network, one category of programming or only new shows. (The striped formatting looks kinda ugly when filtered, but hopefully that is worth the added functionality.)

The checkboxes below control what you see. You can double-click any of the checkboxes to select only that one thing and de-select everything else in the category.

'Summer' is simply defined as 'premiering on May 1st or later.' Demo averages in blue are known to have missing data. Click 'detail' if available for more specifics.

ABC CBS NBC Fox CW Cable All
Comedy Drama Reality News Sports All
New Shows Returning Shows All
Regular Season Summer All

American Idol Wed31211.749.315.8-8%29.60detailFox
American Idol Thu31111.729.115.5+0%29.55detailFox
Grey's Anatomy2479.327.611.6+2%22.46detailABC
Desperate Housewives2017.576.19.6-25%19.17detailABC
Sunday Night Football1776.664.78.8+4%17.08NBC
Dancing with the Stars Fall1515.685.27.520.47detailABC
CSI: Miami1495.614.76.5-12%17.55detailCBS
Survivor Fall1455.464.36.5-17%15.56detailCBS
Dancing with the Stars Spring1415.304.86.4+5%19.60detailABC
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?1284.833.011.213.14detailFox
Dancing with the Stars Tue Fall1284.823.77.118.95detailABC
Two and a Half Men1274.783.65.8-7%14.79detailCBS
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition1274.772.56.4-9%13.17detailABC
Dancing with the Stars Tue Spring1264.753.96.7-2%18.08detailABC
Brothers and Sisters1244.673.46.011.98ABC
Law and Order: SVU1234.653.85.3-15%13.20detailNBC
Survivor Spring1234.654.15.7-20%13.88detailCBS
Rules of Engagement1214.573.65.212.70detailCBS
CSI: NY1214.573.36.0-8%14.92detailCBS
Family Guy1154.323.64.8+1%8.69detailFox
Criminal Minds1134.273.35.2+4%15.39detailCBS
The Simpsons1134.263.05.4-8%9.06detailFox
The Office1104.133.25.00%8.42detailNBC
The King of Queens1063.982.85.2+15%11.26CBS
Ugly Betty1053.972.85.012.36ABC
Hell's Kitchen1053.973.54.5+11%8.36detailFox
Without a Trace1053.953.04.8-37%14.32CBS
My Name is Earl1013.823.04.6-25%9.00NBC
The Bachelor1013.823.44.8-8%10.18detailABC
Prison Break1003.783.34.2-9%9.18detailFox
The Amazing Race Fall1003.753.34.1-13%11.13detailCBS
Deal or No Deal983.691.85.5-17%12.66NBC
So You Think You Can Dance Thu983.683.24.3-1%9.73detailFox
America's Got Talent Tue973.652.64.4+5%11.46detailNBC
Cold Case963.612.74.3-3%13.78CBS
American Dad!953.592.84.5-4%7.47detailFox
So You Think You Can Dance923.472.94.4-7%8.69detailFox
The New Adventures of Old Christine923.452.44.4-12%10.38CBS
The Unit893.362.84.1-21%11.74CBS
The Biggest Loser Fall893.342.64.8-18%7.99detailNBC
How I Met Your Mother883.332.83.9-5%8.89detailCBS
Wife Swap873.292.23.9-2%7.81ABC
The Bachelor Fall873.
The Amazing Race Spring843.162.83.9-8%9.72detailCBS
Big Brother Wed803.022.63.4+1%7.52detailCBS
Law and Order: CI803.012.04.2-10%9.47NBC
Ghost Whisperer803.012.53.6-4%10.23detailCBS
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (S)782.922.23.28.76Fox
Saturday Night Football772.901.85.08.49ABC
Til Death772.901.76.37.19Fox
The Apprentice Spring762.862.34.1-26%7.11NBC
Boston Legal762.862.34.5-10%10.13detailABC
Las Vegas742.782.53.2-24%9.02NBC
Big Brother Thu732.762.23.3+1%7.34detailCBS
Law and Order732.751.93.6-28%9.33NBC
60 Minutes732.751.64.9-9%13.14CBS
Last Comic Standing722.722.43.0-20%6.51NBC
Dateline Wed702.621.73.37.41NBC
America's Funniest Home Videos692.611.83.4-7%8.75ABC
30 Rock682.561.73.25.56detailNBC
Big Brother Sun682.552.02.9+1%6.87detailCBS
America's Next Top Model Spring672.522.03.0+6%5.28detailCW
America's Next Top Model Fall672.521.93.0+3%5.16detailCW
Dateline Mon662.502.52.56.26NBC
King of the Hill642.421.63.6-6%5.17Fox
Dateline Wed (S)632.351.93.1-24%6.57NBC
According to Jim612.311.83.2-8%6.36ABC
Friday Night Lights612.301.73.56.15NBC
Dateline Mon (S)582.201.64.1-8%6.53NBC
George Lopez562.111.52.8-16%5.89ABC
Dateline Fri562.101.63.2-11%7.32NBC
48 Hours552.071.22.80%7.50CBS
Crossing Jordan552.061.52.7-41%6.90NBC
Dateline Tue521.951.33.06.08NBC
20/20 (S)481.811.22.2-11%5.92ABC
48 Hours (S)461.751.52.0-23%6.57CBS
The OC461.741.52.8-36%3.95Fox
Dateline Sun401.511.11.9-17%6.13NBC
Burn Notice391.461.11.74.04USA
Dateline Sun (S)361.371.21.6-22%5.31NBC
One Tree Hill351.320.91.9-2%2.94detailCW
Army Wives351.321.11.53.69Lifetime
Veronica Mars311.160.71.6+5%2.64CW
Everybody Hates Chris311.150.91.4-36%2.88CW
The Game311.
Dateline Fri (S)

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