Thursday, December 29, 2011

Midseason Matchups 2012, Thursday

Bold indicates a timeslot change; ALL CAPS indicates a new show


Winter Broadcast: Winter Wipeout (ABC, 1/5) vs. The Big Bang Theory/ROB (CBS, 1/12) vs. 30 Rock/Parks and Recreation (NBC, 1/12) vs. American Idol (Fox, 1/19) vs. The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Spring Broadcast: MISSING (ABC, 3/15) vs. The Big Bang Theory/Rob (CBS) vs. 30 Rock/Parks and Recreation (NBC) vs. American Idol (Fox) vs. The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Projected A18-49 winner: American Idol (Fox)

Notes: As I said on yesterday's post, the other networks will get a head-start on the return of Idol, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. Remember how hugely Wipeout debuted in this hour last winter?


Winter Broadcast: Grey's Anatomy (ABC) vs. Person of Interest (CBS) vs. The Office/Up All Night (NBC, 1/12) vs. THE FINDER (Fox, 1/12) vs. The Secret Circle (CW)

Spring Broadcast: Grey's Anatomy (ABC) vs. Person of Interest (CBS) vs. The Office/Up All Night (NBC) vs. Bones (Fox, TBD) vs. The Secret Circle (CW)

Cable: Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime, 1/5)

Projected A18-49 winner: Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Notes: Grey's Anatomy ultimately emerged as a little stronger than even an Idol-fueled Bones last spring, so I'll take it over an Idol-fueled newbie as well, but you never know what that lead-in might do for a show. With (by my count) 13 episodes of The Finder, 11 Bones still unscheduled and at least one two-hour Thursday Idol, Fox should never need to be in repeats in this hour and may actually have to push one of those shows elsewhere.


Winter/Spring Broadcast: Private Practice (ABC) vs. The Mentalist (CBS) vs. THE FIRM (NBC, 1/12)

Cable: Archer/UNSUPERVISED (FX, 1/19), Jersey Shore (MTV, 1/5)

Projected A18-49 winner: Jersey Shore (MTV)

Notes: Provided The Firm does well enough to not get yanked, its uniquely large order by new series standards means it should be able to go wire-to-wire without repeats.

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Spot said...

I feel compelled to (once again) point out how certain it is that Missing will join the enormous and ever-growing ranks of stillborn ABC rookies on Thursdays @ 8 since 1982 (not that veteran ABC shows have done anything other flatline in the slot either).

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