Sunday, January 1, 2012

Midseason Matchups 2012, Sunday

Bold indicates a timeslot change; ALL CAPS indicates a new show


Winter/Spring Broadcast: America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC) vs. 60 Minutes (CBS) vs. Dateline (NBC, 2/12) vs. animation repeats/The Cleveland Show (Fox)

Projected A18-49 winner: America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC)

Notes: A bit of a tough winner pick as three different nets were in the mid-1's last winter/spring. 60 Minutes will certainly have the edge when it gets a sports overrun, but I'll give AFV a very slight advantage under normal circumstances.


Winter Broadcast: Once Upon a Time (ABC) vs. Undercover Boss (CBS, 1/15) vs. various (NBC) vs. The Simpsons/NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (Fox, 1/15)

Spring Broadcast: Once Upon a Time (ABC) vs. The Amazing Race (CBS, 2/19) vs. Harry's Law (NBC, 3/4) vs. The Simpsons/Bob's Burgers (Fox, 3/11)

Projected A18-49 winner: Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Notes: Another tough pick as three networks figure to reside in the low-to-mid 2s, but I'll throw some optimism Once's way. With 22 episodes and obviously a lot fewer weeks than that on the schedule for Bob's Burgers, the fate of those leftovers probably comes down to how the March episodes perform. Will Fox double up, continue them into the summer or save them for a 2012-13 run?


Winter/Spring Broadcast: Desperate Housewives (ABC) vs. The Good Wife (CBS) vs. Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 2/12) vs. Family Guy/American Dad! (Fox)

Cable: The Walking Dead (AMC, 2/12), Mad Men (AMC, March), Luck (HBO, 1/29), Shameless (Showtime, 1/8)

Projected A18-49 winner: The Walking Dead (AMC)

Notes: Last spring's Apprentice vs. Housewives showdowns were pretty close around the 3.0 mark. One would expect Apprentice to hold up better considering Housewives was consistently down 20%+ year-to-year this fall, but we'll see if it can pick up any steam as the end nears.


Winter Broadcast: Pan Am (ABC) vs. CSI: Miami (CBS) vs.Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 2/12)

Spring Broadcast: GCB (ABC, 3/4) vs. CSI: Miami (CBS) vs. Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Cable: COMIC MEN (AMC, 2/12), ANGRY BOYS (HBO, 1/1), Eastbound & Down/LIFE'S TOO SHORT (HBO, 2/19), HOUSE OF LIES/Californication (Showtime, 1/8)

Projected A18-49 winner: Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Notes: A lot of cable listed above, but none of it should be too formidable. This has felt like a ripe timeslot for a new success (particularly on ABC, which doesn't have problems putting things here in the fall), and Pan Am looked like it might be that way very early on. Now, the task goes to GCB.

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