Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Midseason Matchups 2012, Wednesday

Bold indicates a timeslot change; ALL CAPS indicates a new show


Winter/Spring Broadcast: The Middle/Suburgatory (ABC) vs. Survivor (CBS, 2/15) vs. Whitney/ARE YOU THERE, CHELSEA? (NBC, 1/11) vs. American Idol (Fox, 1/18) vs. One Tree Hill (CW, 1/11)

Projected A18-49 winner: American Idol (Fox)

Notes: Even should NBC manage to get a decent premiere out of its Whitney/Chelsea "Happy Hour," this is even more a "The next few weeks will tell the story" situation than usual with Idol showing up in week two.


Winter Broadcast: Modern Family/Happy Endings (ABC) vs. Criminal Minds (CBS) vs. Harry's Law (NBC) vs. Mobbed (Fox, 1/4) vs. REMODELED (CW, 2/1)

Spring Broadcast: Modern Family/Happy Endings (ABC) vs. Criminal Minds (CBS) vs. Rock Center (NBC, 2/8) vs. American Idol (Fox) vs. America's Next Top Model (CW, TBD)

Projected A18-49 winner: Modern Family/Happy Endings (ABC), then American Idol (Fox)

Notes: Fox officially plans to bring I Hate My Teenage Daughter into the 9:30 half-hour at some point during the spring. We shall see if its soft fall run ultimately discourages them from doing that.


Winter/Spring Broadcast: Revenge (ABC) vs. CSI (CBS) vs. Law and Order: SVU (NBC)

Cable: South Park (Comedy Central, 3/14), Royal Pains (USA, 1/18), Psych (USA, 2/29)

Projected A18-49 winner: CSI (CBS) (but CSI was just 0.12 ahead of Revenge this fall)

Notes: Boy, you compare this relatively cable-barren hour with jam-packed Tuesday 10/9c and wonder why some of those nets couldn't have put some of that stuff over here.

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Spot said...

It seems to me that Wednesdays @ 10 are so barren because of the fact that the shows that are there actually have a really hard time gaining any traction. I have a feeling that none of the cablers will get anywhere near a 2.0 on a consistent basis - it certainly didn't happen last spring...

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