Friday, December 9, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Vault Edition

A quick update on what's happened and what's to come this month:

You've probably noticed that I've gone into overdrive with the previous seasons' ratings in the last few days. I have now gotten to the point where almost all the programs with current season Vault pages have all the historical info (at least for originals) in my possession.* But this was only phase one.

*-There are a few programs still dressed in white on the Vault Index, but those are (except for The Cleveland Show, which should be up tonight/tomorrow) long-running unscripted franchises whose complete history I'm not even close to having and whose ratings aren't of much interest to me or really anyone else, it seems. I might eventually add some of my records for those shows, but it's not really in the plans at the moment. Same goes for cable and for shows no longer on the air.

The other thing I want to do is fully integrate all these old ratings pages with the War of 18-49 pages. When I first started the War in summer 2010, I didn't envision actually having the data itself on the blog; I just added those records to TV-aholic's at PIFeedback. Now that PIFeedback has died and I've had to recreate all of it here, it seems like linking it all together would be good. So here are the improvements that I hope to make by the end of the month:
  • Links to the Vault individual season pages on each War of 18-49 show page;*
  • New yearly index pages (current versions called War of 18-49 Battlegrounds) with links to Vault individual season pages and some other info;
  • A link to the previous season, next season, and the yearly index on each Vault individual season page;
  • I think there will also be some kind of year-to-year change chart on each War of 18-49 show page. I'm mostly doing this because I'd like something of substance to come out of all this mindless data entry, and it'd be relatively easy to do. We'll see what I can come up with.*
*- these just apply to pages for currently running shows

Just be advised this will not exactly be an instantaneous process, so there will likely be some formatting discrepancies across various pages for awhile. I'm hoping to come up with the general templates for this stuff within the next few days and get crackin' sometime next week.

From a writin' standpoint: in the next two weeks, there will be five War of 18-49 updates for the fall reality seasons, plus three all-new War of 18-49 posts on cable shows. The week after Christmas will feature my Midseason Matchups posts, plus the Top 10 TV Ratings Moments of the year.

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