Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Schedules Plus, CW Wednesday

Schedules Plus is another innovative application of the historical ratings statistic A18-49+. I hope this will be the ultimate resource for comparing the evolution of shows, networks and timeslots over time, complete with ratings numbers that make a fair adjustment for the collective decline. Right now this only includes programs aired in the fall. Much more about the process that went into this at the bottom.

Like Thursday, the CW's Wednesday has remained pretty solid throughout the network history as the torch has passed from one successful anchor to a second. America's Top Model's cycles in the early years after the WB/UPN merge were the strongest relative programs the network has ever aired, though they never really used that launch pad very well. Now it's Arrow's territory.

WB Wednesday

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Avg
2001-02 Dawson's Creek Felicity 43
48 38
2002-03 Dawson's Creek Birds of Prey 50
51 48
2003-04 Smallville Angel 56
60 52
2004-05 Smallville The Mountain 43
57 30
2005-06 One Tree Hill Related 31
33 30

UPN Wednesday

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Avg
2001-02 Enterprise Special Unit 2 60
79 41
2002-03 Enterprise The Twilight Zone 38
47 30
2003-04 Enterprise Jake 2.0 32
39 24
2004-05 America's Next Top Model Fall Kevin Hill 45
58 33
2005-06 America's Next Top Model Fall Veronica Mars 44
60 28

CW Wednesday

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Avg
2006-07 America's Next Top Model Fall One Tree Hill 51
67 35
2007-08 America's Next Top Model Fall Gossip Girl 53
70 37
2008-09 America's Next Top Model Fall Stylista 45
65 25
2009-10 America's Next Top Model Fall The Beautiful Life: TBL 37
54 20
2010-11 America's Next Top Model Fall Hellcats 44
51 37
2011-12 H8R America's Next Top Model Fall 29
21 36
2012-13 Arrow Supernatural 47
50 44
2013-14 Arrow The Tomorrow People 40
49 32
2014-15 Arrow The 100 45
61 30

Avg 54 33 43

2014-15 Update: The CW's comic book-fueled breakout in 2014-15 didn't come solely on the back of newbie The Flash; there was also a huge upswing for the third-year drama Arrow, which had a long string of low-1 ratings following its first crossover with Flash on December 3. If not for The Flash, this year of Arrow actually would've become the biggest A18-49+ drama season in CW history!

But sophomore The 100 was still in pretty marginal territory, and so it's coming off the bench in 2015-16. Supernatural showed up on Wednesday in March, averaging a 39 for its late-season Wednesday episodes, and it'll be back again this fall.

See here for more explanations/disclaimers about Schedules Plus.


Spot said...

Thank you for the ratings for That '70s Show. I am a long time fan of the show and have always been curious about the ratings. I knew the ratings went way down for season 8, but I didn't know season 7 was down too.

Spot said...

This one is very interesting. Sleepy Hollow and The Following really are mega hits, its numbers blow everything from the 9pm hour. I had never heard of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance before, it was pretty big. Also, Almost Human and its 102 is still pretty decent, House excluded. I think the problem is that Bones is the standard to which it is being compared and Bones is itself a very good player, not the standard.

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