Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Question, Thursday 1/10/13: Is the Penn Mightier on Thursday?

On December 17, NBC previewed its new White House comedy 1600 Penn to rather mediocre results after The Voice. Since a 2.2 was all it could manage in that spot, hopes have been rather deflated for the show in its normal timeslot as part of the disaster area that is NBC Thursday. One-off previews can be deceiving; The New Normal got a 2.5 after The Voice and then a 2.5 the next night with a much smaller Go On lead-in. But the lead-in difference will be even more pronounced here, so don't expect that kind of carry-over. Is the Penn mightier on Thursday? That's The Question for Monday, January 10, 2013.

1600 Penn post-Voice Preview Parks and Recreation In This Slot
2.2 (12/17/12, 4.2 Voice lead-in) 1.64 average (2.11 average Office lead-in)

My hopes are not high for this series, but since tonight is a premiere and it's gotten promoted, I will say it gets one week to look like a low-end Parks and Recreation. After tonight, it'll be more of a low-1's game for 1600 Penn.

Over/Under: 1.55.

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Spot said...

Over, just barely.

Spot said...

Under, probably a 1.4

Spot said...

Under, just barely

Spot said...

Slightly Over.

Spot said...

Under. The post-Voice premiere was disappointing and it faces both PoI and Grey's tonight.

Spot said...


Spot said...

I'm gonna vote under. The trend on these big lead-in previews seems to be to drop 50%+ in the timeslot premiere, at least for the terrible ones. And it sounds like the best commentary on 1600 Penn is "sub-mediocre".

Sadly, despite earlier evidence from The Joker, the Penn is not mightier than the sword.

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