Monday, February 11, 2013

War of 18-49 Update, Dancing with the Stars (Fall 2012)

Let's take a look at the fall 2012 season (the fifteenth overall) of Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

TimeslotLo AvgHi y2yA18-49+ LabelResults
Monday 8:002.1 2.262.7 -31%102*solid detail
Tuesday 8:001.8 2.233.0 -27%101*solid

*- 2012-13 A18-49+ based on the season-to-date league average; will update at season's end based on final league average

Rating the Ratings: The rapid decline of Dancing with the Stars continued this fall, as an all-star season couldn't help the show make any inroads against musical competition The Voice. In fact, The Voice nearly doubled up DWTS head-to-head. And it looks almost certain that this season will be outrated by The Bachelor, the show that's supposed to just fill in for DWTS during the winter months. It's worth wondering what Dancing would be if it could only get away from The Voice, and if the spring season can't do any better, we may get to find out. It's hard to imagine ABC not doing something drastic to try to stop the bleeding pretty soon. Grade: D.

Here's the now updated War of 18-49 post for Dancing with the Stars.


Spot said...

My thought is that ABC should shift Dancing to a Thursday/Friday schedule. It would plug the Thursday at 8 hole that's been a sore spot since Ugly Betty left it in season 3, and would give it a bigger leg up on Fridays.

If that happens, then I'd move Shark Tank to help anchor a night (probably Tuesdays). Should Last Man Standing and/or Malibu Country show promise this Winter, shift them down an hour on Fridays.

Spot said...

I've actually had this exact idea as well. That's where it appears to fit best. My concern is I don't think it's worth messing up the Grey's/Scandal pairing for Dancing's sake, and I don't know that they can do just a one-hour performance show all season.

Perhaps they could just do two-hour DWTS (and something stupid at 10 ilke Primetime: What Would You Do) for a few weeks, then shrink it to one hour and bring back Grey's and Scandal in mid to late October with fewer repeats?

Spot said...

If ABC only wants to fill one hour on Thursdays, then scale back the number of stars needed per season. In theory this could help the show's life by not burning through so many "celebrities." This would also be a good time to cut the production bloat from the show.

Otherwise, I like your idea of culling repeats by bumping Grey's & Scandal to an October premiere.

Spot said...

I have been arguing for a while that ABC needs to move DWTS to Sunday/Monday. Sundays are perfect for reality, as ABC could have one cycle in the fall, stop during award periods (throw something like Winter Wipeout, Wife Swap and somethig like the taste in there in the meantime) and come back after the oscars during spring. This would solve two problems at one which would be 1) Move the serialized shows, particularly Revenge, away from the damn sunday big events and 2) Move DWTS away from the voice and cbs comedies for the most part (only the results show would have the first hour of the voice, but is typically the lowest rated hour as well and momentum from the previous night should help a bit). My only doubt would be whether or not to leave OUAT on Sundays since it appears to not be as strong as last year, but ultimately I think a winter hiatus would solve the issue, it just needs to avoid award shows. On Mondays, Revenge and the results show could easily be replaced by the bachelor during winter, preventing breaks in revenge. Also, this would leave tuesdays free from dwts for ABC to start from scratch as a male skewing night, anchored by the high profile Shield.

My suggestion:
Once Upon a Time

DWTS Results
New Female Skewing Drama

New Make Skewing Drama

Winter Wipeout
The Taste
Wife Swap

The Bachelor
Body of Proof

What do you think? I think it would help ABC so much!

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