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Spotted Ratings, Friday 2/13/15

  • FINALS UPDATE: Hawaii Five-0 (1.2) went up a tenth.
  • It was mostly an unlucky Friday the 13th on broadcast at the beginning of a holiday weekend. CBS took the hardest hit as drops from Undercover Boss (1.2) and Hawaii Five-0 (1.1) reverted the network to the ratings level it often experienced during the fall. 
  • NBC's Grimm (1.1) and Dateline (1.0) also inched down to season lows, while ABC's Shark Tank (1.8) was a bit below average as the network sat out the 8/7c comedies in favor of a Charlie Brown Valentine special (1.0). The CW also preempted its regular programming for movie Safety Not Guaranteed (0.2).
  • The steadiest network was actually Fox, but that might just be because it dropped so much last week. World's Funniest Fails (0.8) was even and Glee (0.6) up a tick.


A18-49 Skew Last LeLa Rank y2yTLa Ty2y
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown 1.0 28% +0% -13% +0% 1.3
Shark Tank 1.8 30% -10%-0.2+0.0 11/18 n/a -8% +50% 2.1
20/20 1.2 28% +0%+0.0-0.2 11/21 +9% +4% +14% 1.5
Undercover Boss 1.2 18% -8%-0.1n/a 11/11 n/a -8% +33% 1.5
Hawaii Five-0 1.2 16% -8%-0.1-0.1 8/15 n/a -8% +33% 1.5
Blue Bloods 1.3 14% +0%+0.0-0.1 4/15 n/a +0% +63% 1.7
Constantine 0.8 31% +0%+0.0n/a 8/13 n/a -6% -81% 1.2
Grimm 1.1 29% -8%-0.1+0.0 12/13 n/a -8% -77% 1.5
Dateline Fri 1.0 27% -9%-0.1-0.1 17/19 n/a -5% -78% 1.4
World's Funniest Fails 0.8 43% +0%+0.0n/a 4/5 n/a +0% +7% 1.2
Glee 0.6 42% +20%+0.1+0.0 6/7 n/a +9% +9% 1.0
Movie: Safety Not Guaranteed 0.2 35% n/a -53% +0% 0.3

KEY (click to expand)
A18-49 - Adults 18-49 rating. Percentage of US TV-owning adults 18-49 watching the program.
Skew - Percentage of adults 18-49 within the show's total viewership.
Last - A18-49 difference (percent and numerical) from the show's previous episode.
LeLa - A18-49 difference between the show's lead-in and its lead-in for the previous episode.
Rank - The A18-49 rating's rank among the show's episodes so far this season.
y2y - Percent difference between A18-49 and the show's rating a year ago.
TLa - Percent difference between A18-49 and the network's rating in the timeslot one week ago.
Ty2y - Percent difference between A18-49 and the network's rating in the timeslot one year ago.
True - A metric that adjusts the A18-49 rating for overall viewing levels, competition and lead-in. PRELIMINARY CALCULATION. For finals, see SpotVault.

(R) - Repeat.

Much more detail on these numbers at the New Daily Spotted Ratings page.

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Spot said...

The CW (and ABC to some extent) were last night's biggest winners for preempting their programs in what was obviously going to be a bad night.

Spot said...

Grimm goes to hiatus now.
For after The Voice premieres NBC announced this for weekends:
Friday: The Night Shift repeat / Dateline (2 hours)
Sunday: The Voice repeat (2 hours) / Dateline (2 hours)

Basically there will be three Saturdays in their schedule.

I think that schedule remains unchanged until Grimm returns from hiatus (if it returns to Friday at all), and until A. D. premieres.

This Sunday they have SNL40 (Red Carpet at 7 PM, Anniversary Special 8-11:30 PM).
Next week they're going with 3 1/2 hours SNL40 repeat on Friday, and on Sunday NBC will air procedurals repeats vs Oscars.

Spot said...

50 Shades was huge in the box office so probably a lot went out on pre-valentine date so lower viewership thna usual. Shark Tank is still solid though, Charlie Brown special did OK but lower than LMS

Spot said...

Dateline at 10 PM, another move that isn't working, NBC. 20/20 is biting it.

Grimm needs to be on thursdays in two weeks, would you rather have it at 8 to give Blacklist a better lead-in or at 10 so they can erase dud Allegiance?

Spot said...

At 10. Some cheap reality should go to 8pm imo.

Spot said...

50 Shades had to affect on the ratings. American Sniper started bigger just last month and no one was hurt. Generally, people watching broadcast TV on Friday aren't going out anyways. Now when you have a Hunger Games (140 Million) or Avengers (200 Million) you can start talking movie impact

Spot said...

It's the middle of sweeps. Affilates won't let the networks justs take the night off. Not all CW affiliates even air news programming (mine guys to Two and a Half Men repeats at 10) and ABC knew Charlie Brown would do better on Friday than Saturday

Spot said...

I am not sure how strict that is. Some examples just this month:
- Big Bang Theory repeats this Thursday
- Scorpion repeat last week and the week before the next

- NBC regularly scheduling repeats on Sunday
- ABC scheduling repeats on some Sundays
- NBC scheduling the single Parks repeat in February and not January

There are also examples of stuff being preempted for specials that is going to be lower rated. So I don't think it matters all that much.

Spot said...

You have been the greasy proponent on networks basically taking off award season. Repeats on Sunday against Superbowl, Grammy's, or Oscars doesn't count.
Scorpion was bizarre, but it has has a ridiculously amount of episodes already aired for its 22 episode order. I think the post AFC showing caused that.
But I'll note that no one preempted their 10 PM (or 9 PM on FOX) programming. What actaully leads into local news.
Trust me, as some one who watches the 10 o'clock news every day (CST), I can tell sweeps matter. Affilates go out of their way to cover controsvereial stories and film pretape bits only seen in February, May, July, and November

Spot said...

Though a 30 million first day opening is pretty good, I just confirmed that it is only 142nd all time a Friday start. So it wasn't all that huge

Spot said...

10. Blacklist is still a good lead-in, and Slap would end by 4/2. At 8, just put in cheap reality. Hollywood Game Night I guess, though I'd prefer Last Comic Standing.

Spot said...

Yeah that is a good point about the 10pm hour. And I will trust you on what you are saying about the news. It just feels surprising to me that those considerations would matter more than protecting their programs by not airing them last night. In any case, you do have reasonable explanations for most of my examples so I can't really argue much here!

Spot said...

Yeah, sweeps don't matter as much as they used to, but they still matter. Thanks for being reasonable. Anyways, I'll direct you to the insanely crowded Sunday we are about to have in the only non big event week of February sweeps.
25th Anniversary of America's Funniest Home Videos. Even using Blackish cast to cross promote it.
Bachelor Special (3 Hours!)
60 Minutes. Who just had a correspondent die this week that had a prerecorded bit already. Maybe there's some extra interest
Undercover Boss
2 Hour series finale of CSI
SNL Redcarpet
SNL 40th Anniversay Special
Series finale of Mulaney! (Should see tons of old fans come back...)
Animation Brooklyn Domination
So in the only really open Sunday, we have a 15 (CSI), 25 (AFV), and 40 (SNL) year old shows all having big events. Crazy

Spot said...

If you want Grimm on Thursday already during next 3 weeks, then 8 PM. If later, then 10 PM is better, because it better fits Grimm itself.

I know Allegiance was 0.1 above Glee this week, and question is not if it will be pulled off, but when. But look at the competition over next 3 Thursdays:

2/19 - CBS air TBBT original into series premiere into series finale, so CBS surely will do better than usual in first two hours, and probably at 10 PM too.

2/26 - 2-hours HTGAWM finale, ABC likely will be stronger in 10 PM than usual.

3/5 - American Crime premiere, at least first episode will be well sampled leading out of Scandal.

Then if Grimm or Odyssey is 10 PM, I would wait until 3/12 with that move.

Spot said...

That is a good point. I will note that CSI is not officially a series finale though but even if you write season in there your point still stands. And lol at Mulaney!

Spot said...

I'm just mad at things. That's all. In this case, the thing being more people not watching The 100. (even though I don't necessarily blame the people who left before the last handful of season one eps)

Spot said...

I've noticed the 2-hour finale that aired on May 26 isn't included here?

Spot said...

Well, George Eads final episode on CSI! Which may have actually drawn a crowd if promoted properly

Spot said...

About The CW network currently not having target demo

Under former network president Dawn Ostroff practically all new CW shows had target demo of F12-34. Yes, publicly CW did claimed network target demo is W18-34. Perhaps W18-34 sounds more broadcast-y, and likely most of their ads inventory was sold according to W18-34. But the difference is minimal, so it's OK to say network's target demo was W18-34 at the time.

Meanwhile Dawn was on a quest of killing SmackDown, African American comedies, and genre shows (Supernatural was the last survivor, she dumped it to Friday to die there, but Pedowitz came to the rescue in the last moment), by moving those shows to less good timeslots, not promoting them enough, or simply cancelling those who refused to die. That's cold, but it made sense -- merge of WB and UPN presented her with very heterogeneous schedule. She wanted it to be homogenous, and CBS/WB approved her plan to achieve it through having schedule full of teen soaps.

Problem was she was bad at her job, so cable networks (ABC Family, MTV) kicked her ass in the battle for fickle young females demo. CBS and WB brass didn't like that at all. To make things worse, she also irritated affiliates with lousy A18-49 and A25-54 ratings. Affiliates don't have problem with CW shows skewing young and/or female but still having good enough A18-49 ratings (like The Vampire Diaries had). They have problem with the shows having almost no A18-49 audience, but having just enough of W18-34 audience for CW to renew it (or pity renew it).

When Pedowitz took over, he changed the course. However, he couldn't cancel all female oriented shows at once -- his schedule would consist of Supernatural and 9 rookies in that case. Morover, Pedowitz continued to order W18-34 oriented shows too, and is still ordering such. At the same time when Arrow premiered, both Beauty and the Beast, and Emily Owens, M.D. premiered. Together with Cult, The Carrie Diaries came. Along The Tomorrow People, girly The Originals and Reign premiered, and along The 100, Star-Crossed. Finally, this season The Flash, and soap Jane the Virgin premiered in fall, while this spring it will be male oriented SF show The Messengers, and girly iZombie.

New president Pedowitz decided to go step by step. So, for season 2012-13 his "de-feminization of the network" consisted of only scheduling Arrow in fall (paired with Supernatural reinstated from Friday purgatory), plus cutting down America's Next Top Model to one cycle per season, and ordering 13 episodes of Cult for midseason. That's 1 male skewing night + 1 male oriented midseson rookie. In 2013-14, he expanded it to 1.5 "male" nights (Arrow was paired with The Tomorrow People, while Supernatural was on "mixed" Tuesday night, leading-out of "female" show The Originals) + 1 male oriented midseson rookie (The 100). That season he also moved ANTM to partially air in the summer. Comes 2014-15, and now he has 2 "male nights" (Flash/SPN; Arrow/The 100) + again 1 male oriented midseson rookie (The Messengers).

Today we have situation with those "male nights" shows targeting A18-49 (and some maybe M18-34), while "female nights" shows on Monday and Thursday are still targeting W18-34. Thus, network as itself doesn't have target demo. But each individual show has its target demo. Of course they have, The CW isn't PBS, it's ad supported broadcast network. OK, netlet.

Spot said...

Where Pedowitz goes from here? It's not clear, but considering only hits of his era are male oriented Arrow and Flash, it would be insane to cut down male nights from current two (Tuesday and Wednesday, and with NFL games on Monday and Thursday, it's safe to assume those two nights will remain male oriented in foreseeable future).

However, I don't expect him cutting down "female nights" either, at least not for now. Because The Vampire Diaries is still doing good, Jane the Virgin is on the rise, and The Originals is still worthy weekday timeslot in fall schedule (because of low CW standards).

Perhaps Fridays will be more male in the future? The Messengers is already scheduled to premiere there this spring, The 100 likely will end up on Friday next season. And their pilot Tales from the Darkside doesn't sound suitable for anywhere on Mon-Thu schedule, while multiple segments structure seems perfect for Friday 8 PM. We'll see. Good indication will be America's Next Top Model scheduling -- it might move completely to summer, which would hint more male Friday next season.

Pedowitz did said he's afraid of network becoming too saturated with genre shows, but people are reading too much into it. It just means he would like to have more stuff like Hart of Dixie / Jane the Virgin in their schedule, but certainly not that he would force the issue. It just means that if genre pilot and grounded one would be of roughly the same quality, then he would surely pick the latter. But if genre pilot would look much more promising... he's not insane, he'll pick potential hit.

Same goes for male / female. For now he's trying to keep male and female nights separated, and number of male/female shows equal. So probably CW will continue in that direction. But if male oriented shows keep outrating female oriented ones, I think he won't be shy to order more male oriented pilots in some of the future development cycles. That's because they always have option of pairing girly show with near neutral skewing Supernatural and "Whose Line Is It Anyway?".

Spot said...

Move Grimm to 8 if it's a long-term move to fill a tricky timeslot. Move Grimm to 10 if it's just a temporary replacement because Allegiance bombed.

Spot said...

Fun fact: If The Flash aired on NBC, it would have been their #2 programme last week.

Spot said...

Maybe. It dependx on definition of "programme".

Encore episode of Saturday Night Live from 40 years ago scored 1.6 A18-49 (preliminary, top 25 markets). But it was a repeat and aired outside of primetime (Saturday 11:30 PM).

Spot said...

Very good analysis.

I would say it would be in NBC's best interest to pull The Slap early and maybe premier Hollywood Game Night on 2/26 so that the Blacklist will have a little more support against the HTGAWM finale event.

And then on 3/12 they can premier Grimm at 10pm after it's scheduled month-long hiatus.

Before that point though, I would suggest NBC pull Allegiance and replace it with SVU, Chicago PD, or even The Blacklist repeats. A 1.0 from repeats would be better than the 0.5s Allegiance will soon be getting.

Spot said...

...primetime programme in A18-49!

Strongly suspect The Flash beat everything on NBC in A18-34 (it did 1.3) but I'm too lazy to check.

I'm usually the pesky person who remembers SNL too. It's been quite a while since SNL was the highest rated show on NBC. It happened regularly in early 2013, when the network collapsed between Voice cycles and SNL was hitting high 2s.

Spot said...

I think Grimm would be a great 8pm lead-in to the Blacklist, but honestly it would probably get the same 1.1-1.3 ratings that Hollywood Game Night would get in the slot.

Since NBC has to fill both the 8 and 10pm holes it is probably more likely that NBC will do HGN/The Blacklist/Grimm on Thursdays so that they can at least keep the entire night above a 1.0 for the remainder of the season.

Spot said...

Very well said, and I agree.

Spot said...

Yeah, I agree and I think it will be just a temporary replacement, so 10pm.

Spot said...

No, let's hope for this:
Neil Patrick Harris goes to Africa for a year as Doctors Without Borders volunteer (I know NPH isn't a doctor, but he's NPH, and NPH can do everything).
Then all new NBC shows flop next season again.
Then Greenblatt is fired after season 2015-16.
Then NPH variety show premieres year later than planned (in fall 2016) and is a megahit.

Spot said...


Greenblatt is going to do just enough at NBC to make sure he won't get fired before his contract expires. That means more D Wolf, and more mega-buys of high profile talent (NPH, J-Lo, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Burke, etc).

Will his plan work? Probably not (recent history with Go On and The Michael J Fox Show speak volumes), but it'll probably be just enough to keep Comcast execs from firing his ass.

Spot said...

I didn't even think about that.

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