Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Question, Thursday 5/22/14: Will a Big Gang of Viewers Watch Gang Related?

The summer begins! As last year, a "mini-season" of roughly a dozen Questions will be sprinkled over the next three months, starting today.

New drama Gang Related was announced alongside 24 at the 2013 upfront as part of Fox's big push into year-round programming. Much has gone wrong at the network since then, but this series should have a reasonably decent mid-to-upper-1's lead-in from Hell's Kitchen, and the competition is pretty favorable; there are zero dramas, and the only big four originals are the return of usually marginal Last Comic Standing and a Bad Teacher burn-off.

However, I just don't see this gritty concept attracting much of its own attention, especially since the reviews are so lukewarm. Throw in the general Fox malaise of late and it'd be happy to go well above a one. The lead-in and light competition should keep it from being another Riot or I Wanna Marry Harry, but I'm not feeling legitimate "success" either.

Over/Under: 1.15.


Spot said...

Under, following the trend of Riot/Harry.

Spot said...

It's got a lot of push. I say slightly over

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