Thursday, May 8, 2014

First Two Weeks, Bad Teacher

The last truly regular season show to premiere in 2013-14 was CBS' Bad Teacher, thrown to Thursday at 9:30 in late April. Because expectations were so low, Bad Teacher actually looked perfectly fine on its premiere night. The 2.1 demo was just 16% below Two and a Half Men (2.5) and a noticeable improvement on what had become the normal The Crazy Ones delivery in the slot (1.7). As I said that Friday, "let's not get carried away"; it was still a normal drop away from The Crazy Ones territory, but this at least gave it a shot to do better.

But it all came crashing down for Bad Teacher in week two. It dropped a whooping 33% to a 1.4, behind all Crazy Ones episodes except for the finale with a bad lead-in.

Nice to end this First Two Weeks season on an easy one. We don't even have to rehash the "will CBS renew a seventh comedy" discussion, because this put it decidedly behind Friends with Better Lives and even The Crazy Ones in that race. It would need a massive miracle in week three to get back on the fringe of the conversation, and the always-surprisingly-damaging NFL Draft airs tonight. Not much else to say. Cancel.

Since Black Box is a show originally designated for summer, this marks the end of this First Two Weeks season. Out of 44 shows, there are five misses clinched, plus another two heavily expected (The Tomorrow People and The Crazy Ones). Several other shows could surprise, so we'll end up at roughly 36-8 (82%), or basically the same percentage as always. A more formal recap to come this summer!

"First Two Weeks" is an ongoing experiment to see how often a new scripted show's fate can be predicted by the very earliest data. Here are the picks and lineups for every show this season.

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Spot said...

Thank you thousand times for all First Two Weeks posts, Spot.
These aren't so educative as Best Case / Worst Case are, but are so much fun on the other hand.

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