Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spotted Ratings, Monday 5/19/14

  • ABC wrapped up a strong season of Dancing with the Stars (2.6) dead even with last year's performance finale (2.6), but that was of surprisingly little help to the season premiere of The Bachelorette (2.0). Usually being up a tick year-to-year is a good thing, but last year it had no DWTS lead-in and faced The Voice for the full two hours, so this is a somewhat disappointing start.
  • The performance finale of The Voice (3.2) was up two ticks week-to-week and was roughly 15% behind last year's Monday finale in mid-June. But it helped get the pilot of variety series The Maya Rudolph Show (2.1) pretty well-sampled (though it had a big preliminary 2.4 -> 1.9 drop at the half). It was no The Blacklist, but this may be enough to get it some kind of order for a lower-priority tryout.
  • Fox had a struggle against the stronger reality series, as the season finale of Bones (1.6) and 24: Live Another Day (1.7) were each down.


A18-49 Skew Last LeLa Rank y2yTLa Ty2y
Dancing with the Stars 2.6 21% +13%+0.3n/a 1/10 +0% +13% +7% 3.0
The Bachelorette 2.0 35% n/an/an/a 1/1 +5% -8% +9% 2.3
2 Broke Girls (R) 1.3 34% +0% +8% 1.4
Friends with Better Lives 1.6 40% +0%+0.0+0.0 5/7 n/a +0% -11% 2.0
Mike and Molly 1.9 34% -5%-0.1+0.0 18/22 n/a -5% -10% 2.4
Mom (R) 1.4 31% +8% -33% 1.6
Criminal Minds (R) 1.3 28% +44% -35% 1.5
The Voice Mon 3.2 35% +7%+0.2n/a 9/13 -14% +7% -9% 3.7
The Maya Rudolph Show 2.1 39% n/an/an/a 1/1 n/a -19% +14% 2.1
Bones 1.6 34% -6%-0.1n/a 13/24 -24% -6% +146% 1.8
24: Live Another Day 1.7 38% -15%-0.3-0.1 3/3 n/a -15% +183% 2.1
Movie: District 9 0.2 40% n/a -20% -20% 0.3
Warehouse 13 0.31 35% +8%+0.02
4/6 -38%

Louie (10:30) 0.30 67% +7%+0.02
5/6 n/a

Louie (10:00) 0.28 59% -19%-0.07
5/5 n/a

KEY (click to expand)
A18-49 - Adults 18-49 rating. Percentage of US TV-owning adults 18-49 watching the program.
Skew - Percentage of adults 18-49 within the show's total viewership.
Last - A18-49 difference (percent and numerical) from the show's previous episode.
LeLa - A18-49 difference between the show's lead-in and its lead-in for the previous episode.
Rank - The A18-49 rating's rank among the show's episodes so far this season.
y2y - Percent difference between A18-49 and the show's rating a year ago.
TLa - Percent difference between A18-49 and the network's rating in the timeslot one week ago.
Ty2y - Percent difference between A18-49 and the network's rating in the timeslot one year ago.
True - A metric that adjusts the A18-49 rating for overall viewing levels, competition and lead-in. PRELIMINARY CALCULATION. For finals, see SpotVault.

(R) - Repeat.

Much more detail on these numbers at the New Daily Spotted Ratings page.

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Spot said...

No Bachelorette!!!
I said 2.5 yesterday...

Spot said...

24 doesn't look like it should really return for another season, if by its 3rd episodes it's barely above syndication-friendly Bones and flop Friends with Better Lives.

Spot said...

The Bachelorette is somewhat low... but at least Maya Rudolph got some good sampling. :)

Spot said...

I didn't expect to be THAT right on the Question! Delighted, though :D

Spot said...

Oops, I was way off with The Bachelorette. I guess viewers still like The Bachelor but are getting tired of its spinoff

Spot said...

Hooray! The coin works! (for tonight, anyway)

Spot said...

Criminal Minds repeated better than NCIS: LA, NCIS, and Person of Interest all did. I clearly benefited from a complete lack of procedural competition that the others had to deal with, but that 1.3 is the highest rating CBS has had in that slot since MARCH 10th. Just interesting to see the night CBS started with a 5.4 HIMYM, it ended with a 1.2 Intelligence, but when the night starts with a 1.3 2 Broke Girls (r) it ends with a Criminal Minds (R)) with a 1.3

Spot said...

I'm incredibly impressed with Dancing with the Stars this season. It could pull off a growth in year to year!

Spot said...

Three weeks ago, Sutherland said on Letterman that this miniseries is the end of the show: "It's a one-off deal. It's our way of closing it."

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