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SpotVault - Specials & Movies (CW) - 2013-14 Ratings

Specials & Movies on The CW

2013-14 CW Special Ratings

# Day Date Name Viewers A18-49 Share y2y
1Mo09/30/2013iHeartRadio Music Festival p10.940.31n/a
2Tu10/01/2013iHeartRadio Music Festival p21.070.41n/a
3Fr10/25/2013iHeartRadio Album Release: Katy Perry0.660.21n/a
4Tu11/19/2013iHeartRadio Album Release Party: Lady Gaga0.860.31n/a
5Fr11/29/2013Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer1.190.41-20%
6Mo12/09/2013Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special1.210.41n/a
7Mo12/09/2013Merry Madagascar1.150.41n/a
8Mo12/09/2013iHeartRadio Album Release: One Direction0.600.20n/a
9Tu12/10/2013iHeartRadio Album Release: Katy Perry (R)0.710.31n/a
10Tu12/10/2013iHeartRadio Album Release: Lady Gaga (R)0.430.20n/a
11Mo12/16/2013Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (R)1.120.41-33%
12Mo12/16/2013Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (R)1.110.41-33%
13We12/18/2013iHeartRadio Jingle Ball1.320.52n/a
14Mo12/23/2013iHeartRadio Jingle Ball (R)0.980.31n/a
15We12/25/2013Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special (R)0.980.31n/a
16We12/25/2013Merry Madagascar (R)1.010.31n/a
17We12/25/2013iHeartRadio Album Release: One Direction (R)0.600.21n/a
18Mo12/30/2013iHeartRadio Music Festival p1 (R)1.450.51+0%
19Tu12/31/2013iHeartRadio Music Festival p2 (R)1.380.62n/a
20Th01/16/2014Critic's Choice Movie Awards1.980.41-33%
21Fr03/14/2014Colin & Brad: Two Man Group0.850.31n/a
22Th06/19/2014Critic's Choice Movie Awards1.030.31-50%
23We07/09/2014iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party0.690.31+50%
24Fr07/25/2014Colin & Brad: Two Man Group (R)0.890.31n/a
25Mo07/28/2014Young Hollywood Awards0.700.21-33%
26Tu08/26/2014iHeartRadio Album Release: Maroon 50.670.21n/a

2013-14 CW Movie Ratings

# Day Date Name Viewers A18-49 Share y2y
1We11/27/2013Planes, Trains and Automobiles1.810.52+0%
2Th11/28/2013You Again1.070.21n/a
3Mo12/02/2013A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie1.090.41n/a
4Tu12/24/2013The 12 Dogs of Christmas1.000.21n/a
5Fr02/07/2014Attack the Block0.800.21n/a
6Tu02/11/2014Attack the Block0.850.21n/a
7We02/12/2014Best in Show0.840.31n/a
8Mo05/19/2014District 90.630.21n/a

KEY (click to expand)
Viewers - The number of total viewers age 2+ (in millions) that watched the program.
A18-49 -The average percentage of TV-owning adults 18-49 that watched the program.
Share - The average percentage of TV-watching adults 18-49 that watched the program.
y2y - Percent difference between the A18-49 rating and the A18-49 rating from one year ago.

Blue backgrounds are originals; white backgrounds are encores. The "(R)" notation is only used to denote a second airing of a special/movie within the same season.

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