Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Schedules Plus, NBC Tuesday

Schedules Plus is another innovative application of the historical ratings statistic A18-49+. I hope this will be the ultimate resource for comparing the evolution of shows, networks and timeslots over time, complete with ratings numbers that make a fair adjustment for the collective decline. Right now this only includes programs aired in the fall. Much more about the process that went into this at the bottom.

Tuesday was the one NBC night that remained consistently solid even through NBC's very darkest days as a network. While most NBC nights were characterized by crumbling veterans, NBC's relatively young procedural Law and Order: SVU and upstart reality series The Biggest Loser were able to hold up amid the turmoil. And the arrival of The Voice on Tuesday has singlehandedly made the night even stronger than it was at its Biggest Loser/SVU heights.

NBC Tuesday

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Avg
2001-02 Emeril Three Sisters Frasier ScrubsDateline Tue 104
63 75 157 127100
69 142
2002-03 Just Shoot Me In-Laws Frasier Hidden HillsDateline Tue 88
62 73 116 10486
68 110
2003-04 Whoopi Happy Family Frasier Good Morning, MiamiLaw and Order: SVU 100
69 71 104 92131
70 98
2004-05 The Biggest Loser Fall ScrubsLaw and Order: SVU 113
108 108 81136
2005-06 The Biggest Loser Fall My Name is Earl The OfficeLaw and Order: SVU 117
100 137 97135
2006-07 Friday Night Lights Law and Order: CILaw and Order: SVU 89
65 80 123
2007-08 The Biggest Loser FallLaw and Order: SVU 110
99 99 133
2008-09 The Biggest Loser FallLaw and Order: SVU 112
109 109 118
2009-10 The Biggest Loser FallThe Jay Leno Show 113
133 133 73
2010-11 The Biggest Loser FallParenthood 99
107 107 82
2011-12 The Biggest Loser FallParenthood 90
93 93 82
2012-13 The Voice Tue Fall Go On The New NormalParenthood 124
201 94 7287
2013-14 The Biggest Loser The Voice Tue FallChicago Fire 136
102 197 108
2014-15 The Voice Tue Fall Marry Me About a BoyChicago Fire 120
184 71 62108

Avg 108 109 107 108

2014-15 Update: NBC tried again in fall and spring to launch comedies after The Voice, but got very little to show for it. Marry Me and About a Boy got the axe (their averages using just post-Voice episodes were 89/71), while only the summer import Undateable (84) survived to another season. But Chicago Fire remained resilient with mostly bad lead-ins at 10/9c.

Notable midseason replacements:
  • The Office began its long run as a low-rated spring replacement in 2004-05. The season averaged a 72, but if we throw out the post-Apprentice premiere on Thursday, the Tuesday eps averaged a mere 62.
  • Season one of Parenthood (94) aired at 10/9c after The Jay Leno Show finished in 2009-10.
  • The first season of The Voice showed up right at the end of the 2010-11 regular season and aired almost entirely on Tuesday (plus a couple results shows on Wednesday). It averaged a 182. The show's first all-regular season edition aired its results shows on Tuesday in 2011-12, averaging a 153. (That season didn't start airing on Tuesday till late in the season, hence the lower average compared to other seasons which were on Tuesday from the jump.)
See here for more explanations/disclaimers about Schedules Plus.

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